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Why should people join my Fan page – Promote Facebook Page

Why should people join my Fan page? Promote Facebook Page

Why should people join my Fan page? The potential exposure with Fan pages is absolutely phenomenal.With a few key factors in your favor, you could very well end up with a powerful viral Facebook Fan page.Building an inviting Fan page and offering something of value in return for a “like” is a powerful way to get some great exposure. Ask yourself: Why should people join my Fan page?


On top of that, Fan page or any kind of online marketing, without traffic, even a great Fan page concept can be a failure.Let’s make sure your Fan page gets some traffic, and take a look at:

How To Promote your Facebook Fan Page

1. Using the “Suggest to Friend” features

Why should people join my Fan page? Promote Facebook Page :- This feature is often forgotten but is a great way to get you started.But since the average user has only 130 friends, you might need more than that to create some noise and go viral. Keep on reading!

2. Create a Facebook App or a Game

Creating a Facebook application is way simpler than most people think and can be done “gratis”.First, your app or game should be something your target audience would like.For example, if you sell iPhone accessories, you might do a survey about iPhone or Mac users.There are some free tools like Appbank that allows you to build your own app or game.But in order to get the branding 100% to yourself, i suggest spending a couple of hundred dollars, and building your own.Again, great viral potential with Facebook adds and games. Why should people join my Fan page?

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3. Add the Fan box Widget in your Website

Adding the little Fan box on your blog will indicated that you have a community around your business and that’s a great thing for your online reputation.Having a community of followers shows that the business is active and people are endorsing them.Adding this Fan box to your website is very easy and can be done quickly by visiting this page..Use Social

4.Use Social Profiles to Grow your Followers

Cross-marketing your social profiles is an awesome way to build and solidify your communities.Promoting your Fan page on your Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile and any other social profile you might have (StumbleUpon, Digg, Flickr, MySpace, Ning, Friendster…) Why should people join my Fan page?

In Conclusion

Once you’ve created your great Facebook Fan page concept, share & suggest it to your friends on all your networks, not just Facebook.That should give you a good “like” base to install the Fan box widget on your site, and not having it show 0 fans!And if you want to take it a step further, create a fun game or a cool app that your target audience will relate to, and promote it like you. For more on how to create an inviting and viral Facebook Fan page, check out Fan Pages going Viral!

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