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Social Media and Facebook for your Business

Name one business or any service in your locality that is not on Facebook or any other social media sites. From the local butcher to the finest fashion brands, everyone is on Facebook. Although, many find the idea of social media marketing or even promoting a brand or business on any social media platform to be ridiculous, the fact still remains, everybody is on Facebook. And, since everybody is on Facebook, everybody knows your brand or business.

Social Media and Facebook for your Business : Here are a few pros as to why social media including Facebook is a highly advised option for a business. Some may sound pretty unreasonable, the truth is always unreasonable:

  1. Social media allows you to connect directly to the masses. From detailed information to even pictures and advertisements, you can improve on a massive scale to reach a vast number of people. For example, on Facebook, you can create a page for your specific business or service. You can constantly update you page with posts about your upcoming endeavours, strategies and products.
  2. It is a faster way of public opinion. Let’s say you are having a business based on payment protection insurance. You could ask various social media users about different topics like PPI claims; how the insurance will help you pay your loan in case of emergencies etc.
  3. Facebook is more on the general side in the business perspective. You can use more specific themed websites to promote your business. LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. are examples of such websites.
  4. Social media is a form of connecting to people on different levels. Professionals can connect on a professional level. Businesses can connect to people on a personal level too.
  5. Businesses can find other services to enhance their business and vice versa. Social media is a blessing for many professional services.
  6. The best part of Facebook is it is free. You need an id to create a profile for yourself and your business. The only charge you need to pay for is your internet connection. Everything else is free, absolutely.

Social Media and Facebook for your Business :  There are many cons to social media, especially Facebook, when it comes to business.

  1. From a daily user’s point of view, there are many businesses that are bogus. For example, there is page for a specific service. An address and contact number given in the page, they either do not exist or even if they do they are not what they prove to provide.
  2. There are possibilities for having fake pages. Fan pages are such ones. Many may have the title “the official page”. But chances are that they do not exist. Do check for originality. There are many imposters for several business services.
  3. Last and most importantly, there might be an overload of privacy or extreme publicity. There is never a balance between what you need and what you do not.


Everything in life is two-faced. The good cannot be good if there is no bad to compare to. Social media, especially Facebook is a boon to many businesses and services.

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