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10 SEO Tools for Website Analysis | Website SEO Analysis Tools

10 SEO Tools for Website Analysis | Website SEO Analysis Tools

All the effort you put in to make your website SEO friendly could be undone by a simple algorithm update by Google. But of course, it is done to better analyze your website and make it rank better. But unless you can see where your website stands using various SEO tools, it is really frustrating putting in all that work only to find that it has been rendered useless.

To have Google breathing down your neck while you are working hard on your website is not an experience everyone enjoys particularly. But it seems that all hope is not lost! You can actually see your website the way Google views it using several SEO tools that are available. While some of these tools are free of cost, some are paid.

Listed below are 10 such SEO tools for your website analysis:

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1. Webmaster Tools by Google

What better way to view your website as Google than to use Google’s own tool for the purpose? Webmaster Tools by Google is a free resource that can be used by anyone to check their SEO performance. These tools also explain the basics of Google search to help newcomers.

With interesting and useful tools, Google helps in a number of ways in this regard. From troubleshooting for bad SEO performance to getting insights into page speed, these features are all you need to improve the performance and ranking of your website.

2. Website Grader by HubSpot

Another free tool you may use is the Website Grader by HubSpot. This tool helps in identifying several SEO opportunities.

Website Grader will tell you in detail how your website is performing on the basis of its size, speed, and other SEO metrics. It will check how mobile-ready your website is and how it performs on a mobile device. It will tell you how optimized your website is for search engines as well as manual searches. Along with SEO performance, this tool will also verify the security and authenticity of your website.

HubSpot’s Website Grader is an all-in-one solution for any SEO related query you may have about your website. Besides, HubSpot also has some paid tools for specialized requirements.

3. SEO Report Card by UpCity

The main purpose of SEO Report Card by UpCity is to tell you where your website stands as compared to its competitors. It will conduct a rank analysis and tell you how it fares on popular search engines. You will know in detail how many websites link back to your website. It also checks other factors like keyword density, security, authenticity, page speed and so on. This tool is free to use.

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4. SEO Spider by Screaming Frog

One of the best tools out there is the SEO Spider by Screaming Frog This is not entirely free. It costs $160 per year depending on your requirements. There is, however, a lite version with some limitations which is available for free.

For a complete, in-depth, and thorough analysis of your website and any URLs given by you, this the best tool available. It saves plenty of time by conducting analysis that would otherwise take several man hours. It also allows you to export all data in Excel format for a closer study.

5. SEO Audit Tool by Found

The SEO Audit Tool by Found is a free resource and mainly helps you to soar above your competitors. It helps identify common SEO errors and solve them.

It conducts a thorough SEO audit of your website and tells you about technical issues that may exist on your page. It also catches issues with the content itself pertaining to metadata and keywords usage. This tool also allows you to export the analysis data externally.

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6. SEO Overview Tool by Varvy

The SEO Overview Tool by Varvy is a free tool and is pretty much self-explanatory. It analyzes your website and as the name suggests, provides a comprehensive overview. It tells you about the SEO strength of the images used on your website. It also checks the codes, keywords and alt texts.

7. Pro Tools by Moz

Pro Tools by Moz mainly helps to improve the business search ranking of your website. It is an all-in-one tool and can analyze up to 3000 links on any given URL using its web crawler. The report is comprehensive and one knows the actions to be taken.

This tool is available for free only for a 30-day trial period. Thereafter, depending on what plan you choose, the cost starts from $99 per month.


8. BuzzStream

If you want to improve backlinks to your website, your go-to solution is the BuzzStream tool. It is relatively cheap, costing only $24 per month, after a 14-day free trial. It helps direct your website to those who would provide backlinks to your website.

BuzzStream creates an effective link building by focusing on those who actually accept the request and eliminating cold calling.

9. Check My Links

Before your page is online, it is important to check it for all possible errors. While most of it would be taken care of by other resources, you should employ a tool to look specifically for broken links. Check My Links is a free tool and does exactly that.

It provides you with a complete list of all internal and external links which are broken. This will enable you to make necessary corrections and make your website error free and authentic.

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10. Woorank

Woorank tells you about opportunities for optimization and improvement that you may have missed. It analyzes your website and checks for its usability, SEO, mobile-friendliness, marketing, and social performance, and users.

After a 14-day free trial, the cost of running Woorank ranges from $49 to $149 per month, depending on what plan you choose.


By employing SEO best practices, you can have a pretty good insight into the performance of your website. You can also get an overview of what action you need to take to improve its performance and ranking.

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