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Seo Techniques

Seo Techniques – Important Adjustments for Modern SEO

Seo Techniques – Important Adjustments for Modern SEO

SEO Techniques : Some of those old habits are hard to break. Internet marketers need to acknowledge the fact that those rules of the game that worked so well in the past may no longer deliver the same results today. Worse, these old habits may even do more harm than good to your SEO efforts.

The search marketing environment is going through frequent changes. In fact, a lot of experts believe that the only thing that is constant about SEO is the continual changes that we see in the algorithm of Google. In fact, you will end up doing a head spin if you try to keep up with these frequent changes.

Now, are we taking what amounts to be a belligerent stance and insisting on using the same old SEO formula that we have been using all these years? Are we allowing ourselves to become irrelevant in the face of continual changes in the search environment requiring new strategies or at least some modifications in our SEO strategies?

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SEO Techniques :  Google algorithm continues to evolve over the past year and it is important that we also change our mindset and keep in step with the changes of the times, lest we want to be left biting the dust of our competition.

SEO Techniques You must adjust

1. Anchor Text using only Exact or Rigid Terms

SEO Techniques : Google is averse to content that uses terms and phrase that are unnatural. The erstwhile link-building technique that relies on rigid or keyword-rich anchor text will no longer work. It would be best that you refrain from using exact key phrases or words for the link juices as Google bots perceive them to be unnatural and manipulative. This SEO technique is definitely counterproductive. Vary your anchor texts.

Google has undertaken a top-to-bottom house cleaning during the last 6 months to address these issues. Thus, it is essential that you fix those anchor texts so that they are spread over a set of variations to avoid getting penalized by Google. You need to mix them a bit so that you use relevant words that are more consistent to the context and message of your content, vary your anchor text.

2. Building Content only to Build Content

SEO Techniques : In the past, SEO experts subscribed to the notion that size matters. This means that ranking in search engine results is largely a function of size of the site. The old SEO practice was to divide our content in separate sections or pages, and optimize them for specific search terms to attain stronger Web presence. This SEO tactic does not work anymore.

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3. Brand Vs Generic – Which way to go

We are well aware of the importance of having the targeted search term in the title “element” (tag, attribute…) in our SEO campaign. Thus, we usually do away with our brand identity in the title element and favor specific key words or terms. For most of us, this is an essential SEO strategy that we must adopt for better ranking in search engine results. Today, Google has gone variable with regard to the title element, and it is wise to include branded terms in the title element.

What else do you think has changed in recent SEO?

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