best seo for ecommerce sites

SEO Essentials for E-commerce Sites

SEO Essentials for E-commerce Sites

SEO Essentials for E-commerce Sites –While keeping SEO in mind for any kind of business is important, focusing on it more when you have an e-commerce website is now more of a necessity. The space of e-commerce businesses is ever booming. And every other day, some new players are entering this world and making it even more competitive. The stakes are higher than ever and being relevant a challenge for all.


SEO too has evolved from what it was even a couple of years ago. SEO essentials for e-commerce websites: product pages, user interface, and the meta descriptions are only some of the focus areas. Due to the various changes made by Google in its algorithms, getting more traffic and ranking at the top of organic search results is not something to be taken lightly.

SEO in itself is a vast topic and e-commerce websites must keep in mind several things while determining its SEO strategy. But there are some major areas where the primary focus should be given. Listed below are the 5 main SEO essentials for e-commerce websites:


  1. Keyword research

One of the first steps towards a successful SEO strategy lies in your keyword research. You ought to have a clear understanding of what people are looking for and what keywords are being used to search for it. Your keyword research should encompass not only the search option but also the product page, the descriptions, and all the priority pages of your e-commerce website.

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Look carefully into the ideas and themes which drive most searches. See from the point of view of a customer as to what one is likely to search for. Use keyword generation tools to generate a comprehensive and effective list of keywords. Refine them carefully and use the best-suited keywords that will help your business.


  1. Meta titles and descriptions

The title tags and the meta descriptions that you use for your website are important determining factors directly affecting its ranking. So make sure that your meta titles are unique and relevant. Your title tag should contain the name of your business or brand, and the primary keywords. Make sure that the meta title is not too lengthy. A maximum of 70 characters is ideal.

meta description are equally important as they help in getting more clicks. Your description should be rich in keywords, unique and not more than 160 characters.


  1. Schema markup

It is great if your business turns up at the top of search engine results. But a search engine will throw up a list of results and they will all look, more or less, similar. You can change this by using Schema markup, which will add a special snippet along with the search result information. For example, if you are selling a product, Schema markup will also show the rating, price, special offers, image and availability of the product on your website right with the search result information, even before the customer visits your website.

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This added advantage will make your page stand out, and help garner more attention and clicks. It will also improve your ranking.


  1. Mobile phone optimization

It is no news that today more and more customers love browsing for products and services on their mobile devices than on desktops. Since the majority of traffic comes from mobile phones, it is only sensible that your e-commerce website is optimized for the mobile interface.

Ensure that your landing page is clean and has clear information with legible fonts. The menu and navigation options should be clear and smooth. Include a search box for the benefit of restless users. Make available a filtering option for ease of search. The overall interface should be legible and easy to follow and understand.


  1. Page speed

And finally, with an increasing number of e-commerce websites and a plethora of choices available, users have no patience for slow web pages. Therefore, you should essentially look into the page speed of your website. Page speed is one of the SEO ranking factors. If your web page takes ages to load, a user will abandon it. There are several tools available to look into the page speed of your site and thus take steps to improve.

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