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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization : For most out there, this is the magic word –Guaranteed #1 ranking on Google or  “Instant #1 Position for your Site.”  This is the lip service that you will get from so-called SEO gurus or experts. We are pretty sure that there are indeed companies and consultants that can actually achieve that goal using their “secret” SEO techniques.

Search Engine OptimizationBut what happens if you have a site with content that is considered junk? There are those people who are so fixated about the indexing of their site by searching engines that they forget all about the main reason why they have put up the Website in the first place. They spend significant amount of money to stuff their pages with all sorts of targeted keywords in the hope that it will generate significant returns overnight. It doesn’t work that way.

Remember this age-old business adage when engaging in search marketing – garbage in, garbage out. If your main motivation is for total “Google Domination,” then your project is bound to fail even before it actually takes off the ground.

“SEO is just part of the equation, it’s not the end goal of your search marketing. “

You have to remember that your primary goal is not to beat Google, but to gain the desired response or behavioral change from your target audience. People don’t visit your site to buy the products or services. What they are looking for are solutions and useful information. And if your site sucks, then you would not succeed in your search marketing even if you take #1 spot in search engine results.

With the right SEO strategy, you will be able to improve your Web presence. It is just a piece, though a significant one, of a bigger undertaking. Your engagement with a legit SEO consultant or service provider sets the stage for a successful and profitable search marketing campaign. But you must not lose sight of your main objectives, and you can only achieve them if you match the SEO effort with quality and relevant content.

Tricking search engine, even if you get away with it, will not bring you positive results, for you are also tricking your target audience. Surely, this is not the kind of first impression that you want to create with your potential clients.

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