New Google Adsense Policies

New Google Adsense Policies

Certain new Google Adsense policies have been framed by Google which publishers need to adhere to. So be careful while you read them. In case you fail in complying with the policies without Google’s permission, Google has the authority to disable ads serving to the website of yours and/or disable the Adsense account of yours at any point of time. This action of Google will make you ineligible to participate further in Adsense programme. As Google might change its policies anytime so you must check for updates. In line with Google’s Terms and Conditions online- keeping updated with and adhering to new Google Adsense policies is your responsibility.  

Seven of the policies are as follows:

Invalid impressions and clicks

You might not click the ads of their own or make use of any way to inflate clicks and/or inflations artificially, inclusive of manual methods.

Content policies

You may not put Adsense code on those pages that consist of content violating any of Google’s content policies. Such examples include contents that are shocking, adult or that advocate racial intolerance. For further information you have to see the article on prohibited content under Google’s official Adsense Programme Policies.

Encouraging views or clicks that are non-rewarded inventory

According to one of these new Google Adsense policies you should not ask other people to view or click their ads or implement deceptive methods for obtaining views or clicks, except rewarded inventory. This takes into account but does not limit to placing images beside individual ads, offering reward to users to view ads or perform searches, making promise to raise fund for a third party for such a behavior.

Abusive experiences

You may not put Google ads on websites which involve abusive experiences. More information is given on the Adsense Programme Policies page on abusive experiences.

Copyrighted material

You as an AdSense publisher might not display Google ad on pages having content under the protection of copyright law except they have those essential legal rights for displaying that content. This consists of pages providing links thus driving traffic to the pages containing the copyrighted material, pages hosting files which are copyrighted or pages displaying copyrighted material.

Authorized inventory with the extension ads.txt

This is very important among all the new Google Adsense policies. If you opt to use the extension ads.txt on your domains then you need to ensure your inclusion as an authorized seller of that particular inventory. For further information see Google’s section- “Declare who is authorized to sell your inventory with ads.txt.”

Counterfeit goods

You may not make display of Google ad on web pages offering for sale or promoting to sell counterfeit goods. These goods comprise of a logo or trademark substantially indistinct from or identical to the logo of another brand. They do imitate the brand characteristics of a product attempting to pass off themselves as the genuine product of that brand owner. 

It is good to know the new Google Adsense policies so that you never decide to purchase traffic or go for buying into a service or programme without knowing all its details that may cost you something more beyond your knowledge!


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