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More content more traffic

More Content More Traffic – Fundamentals of Keyword Research

More Content More Traffic – Fundamentals of Keyword Research

More Content More Traffic  – If you’re looking to improve your search engine traffic (organic traffic) your keyword research should be on top of the list. Still with all the information available on this subject, most common business or website owners go at this all wrong.

Yes there are such keywords that are too competitive, some keywords might not seem so competitive, but outranking them is a long term project, and investment!

Other keywords have too little volume, for you to invest time and money to get your page ranked for that keyword can become a complete waste of time if that keyword doesn’t bring back a decent amount of targeted traffic.

Finding golden keywords is all about balance.

  1. Your Currently Ranked Keywords

A good place to start is searching for what keywords you are currently ranking. Various tools will allow you to do this. Google analytics and Google webmaster tools are two free services available to you.

Knowing what keywords you currently rank for can give you a great startup point as you’re already ranking for a given keyword, and Google has identified that page to be valuable. By knowing this, you can simply push that result to the top by either tweaking your OnPage SEO, or building a few quality backlinks to that page.

  1. Using the Proper Tools
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I mentioned earlier about Google analytics and webmaster tools. These are great tools, but you won’t do a thorough keyword research with these tools. You need to dig deeper and you still need a tool specifically designed for keyword research. I use and suggest using Market Samurai.

You often ear about Google’s keyword tool from their Adwords platform, i almost never use it. There’s so much critical information from the results provided, that the tool becomes useless. When you do keyword research you’re looking for a couple of specific things:

  • Keyword volume: fix a minimum monthly / daily volume and select your desired keywords
  • Competing pages: find pages with weak competition
  1. Dissecting your Competition

This step is very simple but crucial to your success. I see too many website owners going after incredibly competitive keywords and are wondering why it’s taking so long to get top rankings.

There needs to be just enough competition: not too much that the keyword is over-competitive, and just enough to prove that there’s a market searching for this.

When you check your competition (the current top 10 results) you should focus on:

  • Backlinks: How many, pagerank and source of these backlinks
  • Pagerank: Check the pagerank of the ranking domains and pages
  • Indexed pages: Not the most influential factor, but Google like big websites with lots of pages
  • Keyword placement: Where are they using the keyword? In the URL, title tag, description tag…
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Forget what you think you know…

When doing your keyword research, think outside the box, don’t only go at it as if you were a customer. Chances are your customers are not experts like you, and they’re different persons, who think differently, so their search methods will be different. Checking your currently ranked keywords should give you a taste of this, as you will discover some weird keywords!


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