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Keyword Research Tools – Are you struggling with keyword research?

Keyword Research Tools – Keyword research tips

Keyword Research Tools Keyword research tips  I often see with my clients (that are SEO and web design firms!) that they are really struggling with their keyword research. The worst part is they don’t even know it, they simply select keywords and as me to Keyword Research Tipsrank them.

Why are people still struggling with keyword research?

Well the first answer that comes to mind is lack of knowledge, most people think they can just either fire up the Google keyword tool, generate some related keyword and BLAMO, ready to fire. Well that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

First things first

Keyword Research Tools Keyword research tips The Google keyword tool can be useful but you have to know it’s capabilities. I sometimes use it when i want to generate some keyword ideas that i might have overlooked, but you must not use that tool to get an idea of the competition level of any given keyword.

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You see, the little graphic in the “Competition” column has nothing to do with SEO (some junior SEOs out there will grind their teeth), but that competition level is about how competitive the keyword is in Adwords!

I know some people say “Well, if it’s competitive in Adwords it’s also competitive in organic searches” Bullcrap! If you want to know how competitive is a keyword you must look into it’s organic competition, period.

How to Do Keyword Research on the Internet

Then comes the volume aspect

I also get clients who say “why am i only seeing around 1000 visits per month on that keyword when Google says 15000?” Well my newbie friend, i suggest you go read about broad, phrase and exact match search volumes.

  • The broad match is just about useless to any good SEO.
  • The phrase match will give me an idea of the volume if we dig in, and work on longer tail keywords
  • The exact match will give me the correct information, short term speaking.

I see too many SEOs trying to sell their clients by talking about the broad match search volume, that’s a load of BS! Never will your client see a 20% of that volume, and in the end yes you will have made a sale, but your client won’t be happy and go somewhere else (like using my services for example!) :)

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So how do we find our target keywords?

Easy, you use a tool built for this! A tool like Market Samurai (that i’ve been using for years). I tried every new tool that came up after MS but i have to admit that not one gave me the information like i needed. The grids are perfect and they show all the information i need to see if the keyword(s) are worth spending time on.

What’s the key to finding good keywords?

Once you’generated a list of keywords, you simply run your filters (minimum volume…) then you click on SEO competition, and you analyze the top 10 results for that keyword. Market Samurai gives you all the info you need to make that decision: backlinks (to page & domain), cache age, PR, domain age, on-page SEO, and much, much more.

Once i’ve found a keyword with acceptable monthly volume, and analyzed the competition, i can tell you exactly where i’m going to rank on the first page, it’s that simple (ok, i’ve been doing this for 12 years). But with a little practice, you’ll do that too!

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