Implement an integrated Paid Search and SEO strategy

Implement an integrated Paid Search and SEO strategy

All on-page and off-page SEO strategies eventually have one purpose. And that is to draw traffic. For more efficient results, you should implement an integrated strategy that includes both paid search and SEO. You may use the necessary tools like SEO checker, SEO audit and so on to determine the most effective combined strategy that works for your website.

Paid search or pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization(SEO) are the two sides of the same coin. It so often happens that people focus too much on one aspect and end up ignoring the other. This compromise is not fruitful in any way.

An integrated digital marketing approach will give you the desired results much faster. Combining the two strategies not only helps in garnering better client response but is beneficial for the internal operations as well. It also gives you a better market insight to plan your future strategies.

Listed below are the four ways in which implementing an integrated paid search and SEO strategy will work wonders for your website:

  1. More SEO opportunities

There are more than one ways in which PPC can support your SEO strategies. By reviewing your PPC data, you will have crucial information that you can use to boost your SEO performance. For example, you can use the keyword data obtained from PPC focusing on sales, clicks, and impressions, and use them in your SEO strategies.

PPC and SEO integrations can also be used for a number of other purposes like remarketing or implementing site links to support posts (on Google AdWords campaigns). PPC data also tells you what copy is working better and leading to conversion faster than others. This data can be used in your SEO strategies.

  1. More PPC opportunities

Data obtained from SEO can also be used to support PPC. Sometimes, it is advisable to see the SEO results of using certain keywords before spending money on the same for PPC keywords, which are expensive. This helps to make your PPC strategy cost-effective.

You can also use data from SEO to identify which keywords work better as far as your site content is concerned. Implementing the same in your PPC will improve conversion and help to garner more traffic and sales.

You can also review your organic traffic trends and the same can be used to plan your PPC expenses. SEO data thus helps to make your PPC opportunities more smooth and economic in a number of ways.

  1. Campaign optimization

You must consider the cross channel possibilities of your paid and organic search. If your site goes down, it will not only impact your PPC strategy but will also affect the ranking of your SEO keywords and your overall SEO performance. Thus, there must be clear communication between the SEO and PPC teams in order to reduce the wastage of resources and optimize the opportunities.

You should also keep an eye out for competitors. Both PPC and SEO data will give you an insight as to who the competitors are and also help you identify new competitors.

Combining your SEO and PPC strategies will help you optimize your campaigns and help increase overall traffic.

  1. Site migration

Combining SEO and PPC can come in handy in a number of crucial situations. But the most important would be when you are migrating your website to a new platform or launching a brand new one. This is an exhaustive task for marketing managers. But by combining PPC and SEO activities, this can be achieved much smoothly and with few or negligible errors. Both your PPC and SEO campaigns must be seamlessly transferred from one platform to the other and this can be done by combining the efforts of the two teams.

This collaborative approach will help eliminate major hurdles and avoid glitches and result in overall better results.


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