How to Track Location from Google Latitude

The free application named Google Latitude enables tracking location to your cell phone even when there is no GPS. This means while travelling, if Google Latitude is installed in your mobile phone then your friends and family members will be able to track exactly where you are with the help of Google Maps by means of any computer connected to the Internet.

Google Latitude Tricks and Tips

  1. You surely do not want strangers know that at present you are in a bank’s ATM then be careful that you do not approve all incoming friend requests on Latitude even though the request comes from someone listed as under Contacts in your electronic mail address book. Just close friends and family members should be there in your Latitude network.


  1. Latitude is an application which is data intensive.


  1. The current location of yours is determined by Latitude through the use of mobile phone towers nearby. In case for any reason Latitude cannot detect where you are exactly, use manual setting on your mobile set.


  1. A cellular phone is not necessary for broadcasting your present location through Latitude. In case you have web browser along with Google Gears and you are inside Wi-Fi zone, Google Latitude can detect your location even then and update it on the Net with use of GeoLocation API.
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  1. Latitude drains your phone battery more quickly in its attempts to get your location updated while you are moving around.


  1. If you carry a laptop with you and there is no wireless point of access close by, you can then update your current location manually via this iGoogle Gadget.


  1. Entering a bar but do not want your mum to know regarding it? Make sure either you hide the location of yours in Latitude or manually set it to some other place.


  1. Google Latitude might give some peace to your mind. For instance, if you have a kid who is just learning to travel on her own, you may mute your mobile phone’s ringer and put it in some place inside her bag say when she is going out for tuition or returning from her dance class. This would help you in tracking the transport your child has boarded.


  1. Latitude will not work when you are inside an aero plane. Therefore before boarding an aircraft you may set the status of yours in Latitude in such a way as- “Boarded flight Jet Airways 9W 497 to Bangkok – ETA- 10:55 p.m. (Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi) – often delayed by more than 30 minutes.” You now can switch off your mobile phone still your Latitude status would help your family members know where you are.
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The only missing piece here is Google Latitude API which means you cannot update your present location to be showed by Google maps, with the help of external apps such as Facebook or Twitter.


So with Google Latitude you have the power to control how little or how much information regarding location you wish sharing and with who as well.