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How to Secure Wi-Fi

Most companies and households go to greater lengths for preventing unauthorized users from their networks still Wi-Fi routers and access points can give a provision to hackers to get inconveniently. Wi-Fi signals often are broadcast beyond walls of homes and buildings and out in streets which entices hackers. Since lots of companies allow their employees in connecting with the network using mobile devices of their own, switching off access to Wi-Fi is not practical in case of most companies. The same is applicable to those who use broadband at home as they may have visitors coming frequently. So here are some tips to secure Wi-Fi.

Make use of stronger encryption


Several access points for Wi-Fi till now offer older Wired Equipment Privacy or WEP protection standard which is broken fundamentally. This means hackers can easily break into a network protected with WEP within minutes using one hacking suite such as Aircrack-ng. Therefore for keeping out intruders, using some Wi-Fi Protected Access or WPA variant protection like the more recent WA2 standard is necessary.

Use a secured WPA password   

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Be sure that the passphrase or password protecting the Wi-Fi network of yours is random and long so that an unwavering hacker cannot crack it. To secure Wi-Fi you can use Cloud Cracker service. This will check your network’s security without revealing the passphrase or password. You have to give some data- it is that data which a hacker may capture with a laptop from any place in your network range. The Cloud Cracker service will make an attempt in extracting your password. If it fails to succeed then you can rest assured that a hacker to is less likely to succeed. But in case your password can be found by the service then you require a more secure password which is longer.      

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Allot another network for your guests

To secure Wi-Fi it is sensible to have a separate network for your guests if they are allowed to use your Wi-Fi. This means they are connecting to the net but are not accessible to your family’s or company’s internal network. This is vital both for the purpose of security and preventing them from infecting the network of yours with malware or viruses.   

Check rogue access points for Wi-Fi   

These access points are a huge threat to security. These are not the “official” Wi-Fi accessing points of your company. These are the ones brought by your employees or by hackers conceivably entering your building and connecting surreptitiously one to a point of Ethernet and hiding it. To secure Wi-Fi detecting these rogue Wi-Fi access points is essential. Scan your office and surrounding area regularly with a mobile device like your laptop, tablet or smartphone equipped with software such as airodump-ng or Vi stumbler.   

Use Firewall    

A hardware firewall provides first line defense against any outside attack. There are inbuilt firewalls in most routers that check incoming and outgoing data and block suspicious activities as well.  

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