How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Every business should find a place on more than one social medium especially Facebook. A solid presence on Facebook helps you in engaging potential customers for growing your business. Facebook has a number of tools like Facebook groups and powerful options for an advertisement that you can use for your business. With a lot of ways to promote your business on Facebook, you might face difficulty to know how to start. Here are 6 easy steps showing how Facebook works for your business.


1. Create your Business Page.


If you wish to have a professional and solid Facebook presence then creating your business page separately is essential, it will not be cut by your personal profile on Facebook. Users need to “like” this page for seeing its posts. You will find many options for customizing the page while setting it up. To promote your business on Facebook, add all information regarding your business including contact information, address, website, products, business hours and the likes. Adding profile and cover photos is important too as those reflect what is done by your business.


2. Post Regularly


You need to post regularly on your Facebook page. Post minimum once a day but in order to promote your business on Facebook posting frequently is necessary. Your customers and audience wish to relate to you and know what your business is about. Your contents must be of high quality. Katie Campbell- the Social Media Manager of Fundera suggests that you should share photos and information behind the scene like those that show off your services or products and are related to your employees. This shows that you are dedicated to quality and transparency. You can go for experimentation if you are unsure of what your customers wish to see. You might guess what your customers’ points of interest might be if you ask them to share what they wish to see by having a look at the free Facebook Insights for your business page showing valuable information, for example, the number of people your page reaches out and the number of people engaged with all posts.


3. Promote Your Business Page


To promote your business on Facebook you should make followers on Facebook. Send invites to your present customers via Facebook when you are creating your page. Traditional techniques of marketing can also give you a growing number of audiences. It is good including all marketing materials produced by you and any social profile you have on the website of yours. Put your Facebook page’s link in the email signature of yours and on the business cards you have.


4. Engage the Followers of Yours


To promote your business on Facebook you need to interact with your followers by answering the concerns, questions and comments of your customers. The new algorithm of Facebook favors pages and posts creating engagement. Before you post anything, ask yourself whether it would create a good conversation or not. Remember you need to be social on Facebook as it is the most popular platform among social media.


5. Leverage Those Who are Friends of The Fans


Most people like to try out something already used by their friends. Your customers’ interaction on your Facebook page is seen by their friends on their newsfeeds. To promote your business on Facebook foster much more interactions through the use of polls. Ask questions followers wish to answer. Encourage customers for checking in your business when they are visiting and offer them a small discount. Checking in users are allowed to send a notification to their friends regarding where are they. Host sweepstakes or a contest and encourage your users for posting about the business of yours.


6. Try the Facebook Ads


If you face problems in reaching your users organically then try the Facebook ads. As user data is collected by Facebook so your advertisement can be made a target by it to people who will most probably have an interest in the service or product of yours. The analytics tool is also featured by the Facebook platform for helping you identify the ads driving sales and interest.     Having one Facebook page legitimizes your business in the eyes of your customers to create a Facebook for your business right now if you do not have one.

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