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How to Post Videos on YouTube

YouTube gives creators all kinds of opportunity to post videos on YouTube and reach out to a large number of audiences. Whether you are marketing professional who requires developing a video ad campaign or a teenager wishing to begin vlogging, it is free, easy and made fast by YouTube for any person to start posting almost any video they wish. The tutorial here is a walk through in steps to upload videos on YouTube both on its web version and mobile app- available for Android and iOS devices.    

  1. Log in to Your Account

 Before posting whatever you want you need account with one channel through which your videos would come live on the YouTube. If there is already a Google account in your name then that is all you require. In case you do not have a Google account you need to create one before moving forward. If you use desktop web, navigate to www.youtube.com in the web browser you have. Click “Sign in” at right corner on top of screen- this is important to post videos on YouTube. Next a new page will open up for you for signing in or logging in to your Google account. If you use mobile web, go to YouTube.com in a mobile browser tapping 3 white dots appearing on top right hand side screen. A menu will be shown on screen with few options. Click “Sign in” for entering your Google account.     

  1. Click Upload Arrow on Desktop Web

In your attempt to post attempt to post videos on YouTube you will see your profile pic on Google next on top right side. Beside it an icon with upload arrow can be seen. Click it.

  1. On Mobile App Click Camcorder Icon

If using mobile application, look for camcorder icon appearing on top hand right hand corner. Tap it.

  1. Select Privacy Setting and the Video File of Yours on Desktop Web to Post Videos on YouTube

 You will be taken by the icon with upload arrow to the page where you can start to post your videos right away. Tap big arrow in middle of screen or drag-drop your video file in it. Click dropdown menu for privacy setting and select the option for your video from the following 3 options- Public, Unlisted and Private.

  1. Select Your Video or Record One New Video on Mobile App  

The 2 different options are:

  • Scrolling through thumbnails of videos recently recorded on your device for choosing one to post.
  • Directly recording a new video through the application itself.
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  1. Fill Out Your Video Details on Desktop Web

The basic information to be provided includes:

Title: Relevant keywords are to be included in the title if you wish that your video shows up in search results.

Description: A detailed video description can be given if you add web pages or social profile links.

Tags: Tags imply what the video is about showing users searching for such keywords related to your video.

  1. Edit Video on Mobile App and Fill in Details

After selecting the video from your mobile device use the 3 editing features of YouTube application which are- Trim, Add Filters and Add Music. Next fill in the Title, Description and Privacy details. Then tap Upload.

  1. Access Creator Studio for Getting Insights Regarding Your Video

Go to www.youtube.com/dashboard or alternately tap upload arrow. Tap Edit under the section Video Editor in Create Videos. The information on your channel will be shown on your Dashboard. The various sections in the vertical menu are- Video Manager, Live Streaming, Community, Channel, Analytics, Translation and Transcriptions, Create and Your Contributions.

Are your messages or art ready to be presented globally? If yes then follow this tutorial showing a walk through of a video editor.   

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