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How to Earn Through YouTube

Any guesswork about how much you can earn from YouTube? It had been reported by The Wall Street Journal that a renowned YouTube channel named PewDiePie earned only in 2013 $4 million. According to the report of a Swedish magazine known as known as Expression, the production company of it- PewDie Productions AB earned in 2014 about $7.5 million their revenue mostly was from the YouTube channel they launched. Sounds exciting or not if you are able to earn only 1% of this amount by starting a YouTube channel of your own? Well, you might not become a celebrity on YouTube overnight but via small steps you can definitely learn how to earn money from YouTube.

The Steps

Here comes a step-by-step guide to start your YouTube channel, the resources essential for it and the ways to promote it.

Create Your YouTube Channel

Starting your channel by means of simply logging in your account with Gmail won’t give you money. So in order to earn through YouTube:-

First start with opening www.youtube.com through the Gmail account you have.
Click the bar adjacent to the logo of YouTube on left corner.
From drop down menu tap My Channels.
A box containing the heading “Set up your channel on YouTube would appear”, highlighting your name.
Fill in your details in the personal information section to update the channel.

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Make your YouTube Channel a Platform to Promote Your Forte

If you can sing, let people know your talent.
If your commendable dressing sense is a talking point among your friends and relatives and if you are well aware of market brands in case of clothing then you are the right person to guide many people looking for somebody to tell in what dress they would look good.

In this way choose anything which you can do well and enjoy doing to be your niche to earn through YouTube.

Develop a Strategy for Your YouTube Video Contents

It is amazing to have your video go viral. But how does this happen? Indeed there is no fixed way to achieve it. But the fact is- content is the king of this viral kingdom. Good content rules always. It is possible to make a sharable splendid video viral. After creating your video keep in mind that one of high value has been made. Here promotion of the video is important by making your video increasingly popular.

Get Your Channel on YouTube Linked to AdSense

To earn through YouTube:-

Log on YouTube and click My Channel like before.
On top of the screen you will see a search box. Below it click Video Manager.
One navigation menu would appear on left hand side. Tap on CHANNEL. Click Enable fronting Monetization.
Read the terms-conditions and click in boxes concerned and then click I accept.
Monetization under the heading- CHANNEL needs to be added for activating your partnership programme with YouTube.
Next tap on this option of Monetization.
Under the heading Monetization a window will appear on the right. Click on “How will I be paid? “ and “Associate an AdSense account.”
Click on Next below. You may read on AdSense at the right.
A window will appear now. Create a separate Gmail account or sign in using your existing account on Gmail.
Fill out all information of yours then tap Continue.
In specified boxes fill up the details. Now click Submit My Application.
Choose an easy option for yourself for verifying your cell number.
Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your application for AdSense.

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Apply Best Tools to Succeed with Your YouTube Videos

Apply free tools like- Google Keyword Planner, the app called Text to Speech, Evernote, campaign for Social Media, tool for editing Picture, Analytics, Tube Buddy etc.


Promoting a video begins with your idea of content itself. When you create an innovative video people surrounding you become curious of its completion. These are the people who initially view your video. Certain effective online marketing strategies to promote your video are: Social Currency, Social Appearance, Time for expanding, Mutual Collaboration, SEO, Paid Advertisement including YouTube Ad Campaign and so on.

Monetizing Your YouTube Videos.

Advertising, Direct Promotion, Affiliate Marketing, Crowd sourcing and Paid Videos are the 5 time-tested proven ways for monetizing your YouTube Videos.

Today many people are earning their living by means of YouTube. Hope you find this guide useful to earn money from YouTube.

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