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How to Do Keyword Research on the Internet

How to Do Keyword Research on the Internet

In order to conduct comprehensive keyword research, using Keyword Research Tool or Google is only part of the game. You need hands on knowledge about the very definition of Keyword research. You must also have the various tried and tested tips up your sleeve to succeed.

The success of your website is dependent largely on the word or words that are typed into the search box by the user. That is where it all begins! It is important to understand what keywords to use and thus determine related strategies to make your website successful. There are several tools available to do keyword research on the internet.

Keyword research not only helps you understand how to strategically use keywords to target with SEO, but also gives you an insight into your true customers. Just getting visitors is not solely your goal, you want to attract the right kind of visitors.

No matter what your business is, by conducting good keyword research, you will be able to foresee changes in demand levels, change in response to certain market conditions, anticipate future demands and create products and services which gets maximum attention.

Listed below are the three critical steps required to conduct successful keyword research on the internet:

  1. Estimate the value of the keyword

The first step is related directly to the keyword in question. You must have an approximate estimate of its value.

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Consider the service or product you are offering. Then think about the keywords a user is most likely to use while looking for it on the internet. These keywords can be accessed easily via webmasters and keyword search tools. But what they will not tell you is the value of the said keywords. This is where you must apply your own insights, theories, and knowledge. To arrive at a close value of the keyword involves a lot of testing as well.

Figure out if the keyword is relevant to the content on your website. Determine if it will attract the desired traffic, whether it will lead to conversions, and if it will be beneficial for the business. Look at the organic search results your keyword is garnering. Look at the search ads and see which keywords are resulting in them popping up. Find a high-value keyword and proceed to conduct a sample testing by buying test traffic to see how they convert. This will give you an insight as to how much potential your selected keyword has.

  1. Understand the search demand curve

How easy it would be if we could just select the most searched keywords and latch them up to our websites! In fact, finding popular keywords is not that difficult at all. But the fact that it would lead to a large amount of traffic is nothing but a myth.

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The second step in your keyword research process is to understand the search demand curve. The most searched keywords do not make up a large chunk of global web searches. In fact, they comprise less than 30% of the total searches. This is where the search demand curve comes into play. This gives you an insight into the “long tail” of keyword demand.

The long tail consists of millions of unique keywords which are searched a few times during any given day, but they comprise of the larger chunk of the world search volume—the remaining 70%.

For example, someone searching for “latest smartphones” on the internet is looking for information about the latest smartphones in the market but is probably not yet ready to buy one. However, someone searching for “best smartphones under Rs 20000” is probably ready to buy a new phone and has a budget set for it too.

Thus, understanding the unique keywords which are more likely to convert to sales is a crucial step in the process.

  1. Use keyword research tools

The final step in this process is to employ tools to conduct keyword research for better results. There are several tools in the market like the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool, Google Trends, Microsoft Bing Ads Intelligence, and so on. These tools will provide you with plenty of data to work with.

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Among the various reports, you will get an estimate of how your keyword is going to be ranked, an estimated rate of click-through, suggestions of related keywords, etc. Some tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Planner also gives you an estimated cost of running the campaigns for the keywords selected by you.

Keyword research is one of the crucial processes of operating an online business. Follow these steps to do your research well, and give yourself the much-needed edge to make your website a huge success.


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