How to use boost a post on Facebook to double your sales.

How to use boost a post on Facebook to double your sales.

How to boost post on Facebook Personal Account

How to boost post on Facebook Personal Account

Most of the creators spend their most valuable time creating content and building their business but If It is not reaching out to the correct people, the work has no value. Building but not promoting a business is just like buying a new car and leaving it in the garage until it gets old and rusty.


Seems worthless, Right? That’s what I meant.

The world of business works on promotion and marketing. Without it, you are not doing business, but waiting for a miracle to happen and lift up your fortune. So, Are you promoting your business well? If not, Why?

The answer might be, you don’t know how to promote your business posts or some other lame reasons and that’s why you are here, looking for the answer and this is where Facebook advertisement comes to the role or commonly known as boosting.

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Boosted posts on Facebook helps to grow businesses by reaching out to the potential audiences (people) to their business pages and posts. This article will help you to clearly understand how to successfully boost a post on your Facebook personal account.

Before creating a boosted post on Facebook, here are a couple of things to understand which you would not want to miss.

How does Facebook Boost work?


Facebook has a massive database of its billion users with different preferences, likes/dislikes, interests, and other behaviors. So, what you can do is make a certain audience of a particular age, interest, etc and boost the post on Facebook which allows those particular users to see your content in their news feed.

There are lots of other things other than choosing audiences which you will talk about in the coming section.

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Features of Facebook boost

  1. Custom Audience

While boosting the post, you can create a set of audiences or people of a certain age, sex, demographic reason as well as their interests. For example, If your business is about baby products based in New York City, United States. The potential audiences are females above age 25 and 35 who might have small children. So, you can target just the females of age 25 to 35 who are living in New York City. Moreover, you can also target them by their interests like “people who like other pages related to babies” or “people who are in a group for young moms”.

  1. Greater reach

Facebook is the most popular massive social media with billions of users. So, there is no limit to the number of potential people you can reach using boosted posts. Since 90% of the people, today have a Facebook account.

  1. Boost Duration

You can customize the duration for the boost post. The minimum duration is 1 day. Duration states the total days your boost will be boosted. For Example, If you boost a post with duration 1 day, It will last up 24 hours from the time you started the boost.

  1. Boost Budget

The boost budget is the amount you spend in for the boost. The minimum budget is $2. It means you cannot boost a post using a budget below $2 and a time duration 1 day.

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Benefits of Facebook boost


Audience reach insights

Facebook Advertising collects all the data from the boosted post which includes the age of the audience, sex, etc. So, you can easily know which age group, demographics, sex is doing well with your post. You can use that data to run another boosted post with better efficiency. People mostly use this feature for deep analysis of their customers and ad testing.

Easy to Use

Facebook has a really easy user interface. If you are good to go with default settings of Facebook post-boost, it just takes a minute to boost a post with a couple of clicks.


Facebook provides multiple choices for a boost like a cost based on page likes, page views, link clicks, etc making it more efficient. Recently I boosted a video post for testing purposes which ended up getting more than 1000 views with as low as 10 cents. The more you excel the skills, the better it gets with an efficiency of cost.

Boost control

Facebook gives full control of our boosted post. You can cancel the ongoing boost anytime you want and start a new one.

Increase reach

Boost helps a lot to increase the reach of the post. This helps people most when you want to promote your new brand. In this way, business owners can also boost any of their quality products and gain popularity.

How to boost a post on Facebook


First of all, you need to create a new post on your page you want to boost or you can simply boost any existing post.

  1. Go to your page and click the ‘boost’ button.

Boost post on Facebook

  1. A page like this will appear in a popup if you are using the web version of Facebook. Now you can select the objectives, as get more likes or find customers as seen in the top left corner of the picture below.

Boost post on Facebook

  1. If you scroll a little, you can see a box saying ‘audience’. You can just select the default audience or create a new one using the ‘Create new audience’ link as shown in the picture below. This part will determine what type of people or audiences will see your post.

Boost post on Facebook


  1. Next, you will see the Duration and budget tab. As I said above in the features, you can now set the budget and duration for your page boost. The minimum duration you can set is 1 day and minimum budget $2.

Boost post on Facebook

  1. The last step will be to add payment options If you are new to this, you might need to add your details. I already have filled payment details in the picture. You just have to click the “add payment method button” and fill your details of payment method.

Boost post on Facebook

  1. After that click “Boost” button in the bottom right corner.
  2. This will submit the boost to the Facebook team for review. Before boosting the post, take care of the things I have mentioned below else there are hugh chances of rejection during the review.


If you face any problem during the process, feel free to ask queries in the comment section at the end of this page.

Things to remember while boosting a post


Facebook has certain restrictions and policies which are to be followed strictly. If you break any of the Facebook advertisement policy, Facebook won’t accept your boost in the review. This frequently happens and commonly known as boost rejection. Some of the points to be remembered are;

  1. You should not involve any brands that you don’t own like Facebook and Instagram in the posts.
  2. Facebook’s algorithm lets very little audience reach a post that contains too much text in a plain image or sometimes even rejects. So, Use the video wisely and use minimal text only when required.
  3. Facebook doesn’t accept the post for boost that contains violence, alcoholism, or other offensive contents.

For more detailed information, you can visit Facebook Advertising policies page.

Tips for better boosting

  1. Set a proper goal for the boost – Facebook gives you options like post likes, page likes, reach, link clinks, etc. So, use it wisely to gain potential users. For example: If your post is for gaining page likes, choose it else setting link clicks for that boosted post won’t work.
  2. Create multiple audiences set and test each of them. If a targeted audience set starts performing well, manipulate another variable like ages.
  3. Don’t just rely on one boost. At first, create your first boosted post for the least budget and duration for testing. If you get the satisfying results, scale the same campaign with more budget else start over with another boost using other audience sets.
  4. In order to gain more followers, invite the people to like your page who have responded or reacted to your boosted post.
  5. Before starting the boost on your post, preview and see If you (as an audience) would like to interact with the post or not.
  6. Apply boost on quality content which seems more interesting, unique, or tempting.


How many likes do I get for $2?


The answer is not quite easy as it seems. It all depends on the targetted audiences you set. So, there is no exact amount of likes or engagements for certain budget. If you are not familiar with the fb ads you might very little engagements while a professionally can easily get much better results using same budget.

Can I cancel the boost of any post before it reaches the duration?

Yes, You can! With the control that facebook gives over the boosted post you can easily cancel or boost new post as per your wish.

Why does Facebook reject my post for boosting?

Facebook has certain advertising rules and policies. You need to follow all the points in order to get your post approved. They reject the post If you violet any of their advertising policies. For more Info you can read this Facebook Advertising policies page.

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