How to Audit Your Site for Mobile SEO?

How to Audit Your Site for Mobile SEO?

How to Audit Your Site for Mobile SEO?


In 2018, when Google introduced its mobile-first indexing update, it was not just to help mobile phone users. While the users were having their queries answered, websites experienced a decline in their rankings. The mobile-first indexing was also meant to help websites to rank higher on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). But the said websites had to be optimized for mobile SEO to reap its benefits. How to Audit Your Site for Mobile SEO?

In order to ensure that your website is optimized for the mobile phone interface and mobile SEO, you must carry out an audit to check for issues that must be resolved. For, Google now ranks pages on the basis of their usability on mobile phones as well as on desktops.

Listed below are the 6 essential steps you must follow to audit your site for mobile SEO:


1. Use a responsive website design

Your website should be accessible and usable across devices. The design that you adopt for your website must provide a seamless experience to users no matter what device they are using. So even if a user accesses the website on their mobile phone or tablet as opposed to a desktop, the interface should adapt to the resolution of the device. Good website design is thus the first step towards a credible mobile SEO setting.

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2. Improve loading speed

A website that loads slowly will not garner enough traffic. But if you set up good loading speeds, it will become a factor that will contribute to better ranking.

Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to check the loading speed of your website. You can use it to check and analyze page speed insights for both mobile and desktop versions of your website. If your website scores anywhere above 90, the page speed is fast. If it scores below 50, the speed is slow. Anywhere in between shows an average page speed.

The PageSpeed Insights tool also provides suggestions based on the results, as to what steps need to be taken in order to improve the page speed.


3. Check usability

Ensure that your website is not only accessible but usable as well when accessed through a mobile device. Use Google Search Console to analyze and inspect the URLs for their mobile usability. In addition to insights, this tool also provides information about other issues that may be affecting the mobile usability of your website. How to Audit Your Site for Mobile SEO?


4. Upload useful content

And as always, content is king. Nothing is more important and crucial that the content that you upload on your website.

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Ensure that your content is informative and useful, and is exactly what the users would be looking for. Your content must be optimized for mobile phone users. Use relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and SEO factors and make your content the best that you can make it. Make it precise, to the point, error-free and free of grammatical mistakes. Ensure that the content is also readable on mobile devices. How to Audit Your Site for Mobile SEO?


5. Check mobile-friendliness

The penultimate step is to check how mobile-friendly your website is. After you have gone through the initial steps in the mobile SEO audit, use tools like Mobile-Friendly Test or Mobile Friendliness Checker to find out how well you have done. These tools will analyze your website and tell you almost accurately how mobile-friendly your website is. Based on the insights, you will know whether further steps need to be taken.


6. Analyze mobile traffic

Last but not least, it is essential to find out if your website is garnering enough traffic. You can use Google Analytics to check if your domain is attracting traffic successfully or not. You can find out in detail the number of people accessing your website, and the various devices used to access it. This tool helps you monitor the behavior of your mobile audience.

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The purpose of carrying out any kind of audit is to find out if the steps taken in a certain direction, be it content, or design, or SEO, are being effective or not. It helps to identify issues and then take steps to resolve them. Also, the various insights gained during an audit helps to improve future performance because you know what works and what does not.


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