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What Google Analytics Cannot Tell You about Your Web Traffic

What Google Analytics Cannot Tell You about Your Web Traffic

If you are doing anything online- one mobile app, blog or website, there are chances that you use Google Analytics. Around 30 to 50 million sites depend on it to track and measure the metrics mattering to them. It is robust, powerful and free and everybody loves something for free. But it too has shortcomings. It is occasionally misleading, flawed and failure in certain cases. It cannot always give you the information you require to decide regarding your website, business, and marketing strategies. The good news is there are ways to bridge these gaps.

User intent and experience

A consistent complaint that goes against Google Analytics is- it over-focuses your success- traffic, conversions, download, and clicks. Your failures are not enough focused here. What about people visiting your site, exploring a lot or little then leaving? Or customers abandoning their cart at the last step? Isn’t having some data regarding why so happened great? You can. What you need is- looking beyond Analytics. There are services and tools giving you this priceless insight.

Q and A   

In case you do not know why your customers and visitors are not doing or doing something, just ask them. But is it possible? The answer is- yes. The Qualaroo service can do so for you. They give real-time opportunities for asking targeted questions at certain points in the funnel you have, on particular pages, exit surveys at the time they are clicking to leave and for part of the audience. The onsite surveys of them ask the appropriate questions at the time it is happening, collate responses and present them for you in easy reports.

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Session replays

Think if you could stand behind the visitors of yours and watch as they engage with and explore your website! You can experience this virtually with tools like ClickTale or Jaco. They can entirely record all user sessions with complete session scorecard, advanced filters and session transcript. They thus allow you to watch what exactly your visitors are doing, their hesitation, bottlenecks, obstacles, problems and so on and so forth. So experience the buyers’ journey from the perspective of them thus improving it for your buyers.

Heat maps

It visually represents the way visitors interact and not interact actively with every page on the website of yours. Heat maps like Simple Heatmaps or Crazy Egg provide a large amount of data about user clicks, scrolling, and attention.

Call tracking

Our world is now one which is always connected, digital and mobile. Google Analytics tells you when somebody arrives at the digital doorstep of yours via Instagram, or Twitter or a guest post of a different industry blog. But if somebody calls you on getting your mobile number from the Facebook page you have, then? You cannot track that contact point. You only know that a person called you. Here call tracking makes an entry. With its help, you attach a phone number unique to each channel or campaign for tracking who is calling and which campaign they are responding to, for every call you get. Providers of call tracking such as Call Sumo or CallRail help in bridging that gap between responses from the real world and online marketing of yours.

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Besides, there are attribution problems with Google Analytics. It can be made better if a unique ID is given to each user or visitor. It has to be set up on Analytics view of yours.

Moreover, Analytics cannot help much with keyword importance to your SEO efforts and digital marketing unless you make a connection with your GA accounts and Search Console.

Google Analytics definitely is one powerful tool but was not designed for all purpose. Nevertheless, with few adjustments and tweaks, it can be transformed into an effective tool to help you take clear decisions regarding your business.

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