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Ultimate Guide 8 Steps to make good money from amature blogs

Ultimate Guide 8 Steps to make good money from amature blogs

Do you want to start your own amature blog and start earning good money out of it? Here is a complete guide that will teach you about creating a blog and Online Good money Making in detail. In this article, we will learn about Blogging, SEO, Google AdSense, banner ads, other Ad Networks, eBook selling, online services, and Affiliate Marketing.

Are you someone who wants to earn good money by setting up your own website or blog? As is usual, you may be worried about how to create a blog, how to set it all up, how to generate and increase its popularity, and most importantly, how to earn good money out of it.

If you are a new blogger, you are certainly taxed with several queries and uncertainties. But mostly, you are excited about your earning potential through a amature blog. The truth is that earning good money via blogging is not an easy task.

Once you have your website or blog up and running, you will need to invest time and hard work, and follow a daily routine. Making SEO friendly posts is only the first step. You must begin with baby steps and take one step after another till you reach the top. No one can estimate to what extent blogging can give you success.

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Listed below are the 8 steps you need to follow if you wish to earn good money through blogging:


  1. Apply for Google AdSense

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Google has an advertising network that allows publishing of ads on any website. The publisher gets revenue from Google AdSense when people click on the ads posted on their website. Google AdSense is the highest revenue-generating company in the world. This is true for those websites that have a lot of web traffic.

Read carefully and understand the Google Ads Terms and Privacy Policy, and then apply for AdSense approval. Once approved, you can publish Google Adsense ads on your website. It is essential to meet all of Google’s terms in order to receive quick approval.

However, getting approval from AdSense is only the first step. You also need to understand the placement or location of the ads on your blog or website. If you have not put AdSense ads on your website according to their terms, Google Adsense can penalize you by blocking your account.


  1. Set up banner ads

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In case you do not get approval from Google AdSense, there are still other ways to put ads on your website. There are Ads Network websites on the internet that allow advertisements to be published online. You can also earn good money through such ads. There are many alternatives to Google AdSense on the internet which can help you generate revenue.

  1. Set up Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing is a good and smart way to earn good money through your website or blog. Choose a good affiliate network or advertisement network for this purpose so as to earn a good amount of revenue. Affiliate Marketing involves the selling of goods or services of another company or brand via your website. In this case, the company with the product offers the website owner revenue in the form of a commission based on the price of a certain product or service.

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  1. Write an eBook and sell it

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Creating a blog is a very good idea if you are a writer. Being a writer, you will naturally have a desire to sell your own book. If you want, you can sell your eBook as a PDF on your website or blog. You can also sell other eBooks on your blog through affiliate marketing, thereby earning a commission.

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  1. Add paid advertising and backlinks

There are many websites that require paid traffic for their website to increase the rate of CPC. In such a situation, take the help of those websites that will put a link or banner of your website on their website for some time. This is a paid service but the payoff is huge as it will help grow the traffic to your own website.

If you can bring a lot of traffic to your website by creating a website of good quality, then you too can also put Paid Link Ads on your website and earn good money.


  1. Make sponsored posts

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People write posts on their blog all the time, but it takes more time to earn good money because generating traffic to any new website on the internet is a time-consuming task. Posts must have good keywords, the content should be unique and there should be a large number of users looking for that particular information. Also, the website or blog has to develop trust among the users so that more and more traffic gets generated over time.

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However, another way to earn good money quickly is to write paid posts or sponsored posts for another website. If people visit your website on the scale of lakhs per day, then you can earn a lot of good money through sponsored posts.


  1. Build a donation panel

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You can build a Donation Panel in the sidebar of your website or in the tabs below for your website readers. You may earn a good amount of good money through donation panels.


  1. Provide online services

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You can also provide many types of online services via your blog or website. You can also make your website or blog like a community where people can solve each other’s problems. You can provide various tools on your website, which can help people in solving problems online. If you are a teacher, you can also teach students on your website online. If you are a doctor, then you can answer queries of patients online. This is also a good and unique way to generate revenue.

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