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Best Seo Services – SEO Techniques for Web Design: SEO for the design of your website is of utmost importance. In order to promote your business online, it is essential that your website design is not only clean and flawless but eye-catching as well.

If you want your website to attract a lot of traffic, then you must have a great web design in place. However, it is important that you are consistent with the content quality too. Great content but a bad design would not work. Therefore, SEO for web design is an important aspect of promoting your business online.


Listed below are the 10 SEO tips for web design that will improve the look and feel of your website for the better:

1. User-Friendly Interface

The key to attracting a lot of traffic is to attract the right users. This can be achieved by having an interface that is catchy, clean and aesthetic as well. Use the most appropriate text, image or graphics for this purpose. Your users should get exactly what they are looking for. Make sure that navigation is easy, the menu items are direct, non-cluttered and sensible.

The more user-friendly your website is, the more time will be spent on it. This will improve your chances of ranking higher on search engines too.


2. Mobile Friendly Interface

Increasingly, Google searches are being carried out more on mobile devices than on desktop computers or laptops. Mobile phones have become the primary platform people use to interact with the internet. It is only natural that your website should be optimized for mobile phones. Make sure that the content is as easily accessible and navigable through a mobile device as it is on a regular computer.


3. Minimalist Design

Adding too many elements to your website may end up making it look cluttered and overwhelming. A user always prefers a website that has a clean, simple and minimalist design. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but relevant to the user too.

A clean design gives the user a relaxed experience, and they are more likely to revisit and recommend it.

4. Color Scheme

Most of the successful brands in the world pay attention to the specific color scheme that identifies with what they stand for. These schemes are very specific and have meaning. Therefore, the color scheme also reflects on the website of the business in question.

At most three color shades are used by most websites. A plain background is used, generally white or a shade of white. This is complemented by two other shades of monotone or a vibrant color. Check out what color scheme goes hand in hand with your brand identity. Then make use of it and incorporate into your website design to make it all the more appealing.


5. Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization can never be over-emphasized. Of all the SEO techniques that you may have read or heard about, this is of utmost importance. You must keep your keywords with as much frequency as possible to enable search engines to pick your site up more often to feature in search results.

Your headers, meta title, key phrases should be rich in keywords so as for Google to detect the content as more relevant and index it.


6. Heading Tags

Search engines are always looking for information on the HTML structure of your website. Ensure that you use your heading tags correctly so those tags are given a higher value than other content on your website.

Use H1 and H2 tags for the main title and subtitle. You can make use of tags from H3 up to H6 for subsequent headings on the basis of your content hierarchy.


7. Content Consistency

No matter how well designed your website is, if there is a lack in the quality of content, your traffic will eventually dwindle.

While you may focus tremendously on SEO tips and techniques, ideally a team should be dedicated entirely on quality content. The content on your website should give your users what they are looking for and the content should keep coming consistently so as to keep them engaged. This will improve both the ranking and reputation of your business.


8. Relevant Links

Adding links to other website and pages is a crucial part of website design. Make sure that your links are relevant and simple. They should also be short and specific. Use a readable link rather than an extended long link where the jumbled up words do not make any sense at first glance.

For example, instead of “” you should use “”


9. W3C Standards Complaint

When you make your website compliant to W3C standard, it ensures that you have used the only structural and clean code. And that is something search engines absolutely love.


10. Loading Speed

You may spend a lot of time and effort in designing your website. But keep in mind that page loading speed is also an important SEO factor as announced by Google.

While web-searching, people have a very small attention span and if your website takes ages to load, chances are that the user will close the window and move elsewhere. This is crucial for any business, because if your user is unable to load your page in the first place, you may have lost a potential client.


To improve the visibility of your website, the three main tenets would be—clean code, good design, and fast loading speed. Check all these three boxes, and you are good to go!

If your website has the relevant content, is appealing to the users, and gives them exactly what they want, you are doing the right thing. You will attract the right traffic and your business will surely grow.

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