List of Top 60 Web 2.0 Sites : If you’ve been doing search engine optimization or link building for more than 5 minutes, you know that Web 2.0 properties (or web 2.0 websites) are a great way to distribute your content and gain some pretty valuable backlinks.

Here is the updated list of web 2.0 sites

List of Top 60 Web 2.0 Sites : -These web 2.0 platforms are great for external blogging and should be part of your online marketing.

Some of these web 2.0 websites have really strong site PR (pagerank), so with a little strategic effort, it’s possible (don’t want to say easy, because it’s not) to build up your posts pagerank and give more authority to your backlinks (hint).

List of Top 60 Web 2.0 Sites : -Don’t go spamming these sites because you’ll have your content removed and your account, email and IP banned. Plus spamming simply sucks.

List of Top 60 (ish) Web 2.0 Sites

PR 9 Web 2.0 Sites

PR 8 Web 2.0 Sites

PR 7 Web 2.0 Sites

PR 6 Web 2.0 Sites

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PR 5 Web 2.0 Sites

PR 4 Web 2.0 Sites

Let’s keep this List up to date !

If you have other web 2.0 websites with good pagerank leave it in the comments, I’ll add them to the list so we can keep it updated!

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