Bad SEO Service Provider

How To Spot a Bad SEO Service Provider

Bad SEO Service Provider

How can you tell that you are dealing with a SEO consultant or company that can be trusted?

Bad SEO Service Provider : – There are a lot of intangibles that need to be considered before you can make an informed decision. Surely, you don’t want to get burned or scammed by so-called SEO gurus whose only claim to fame is their long list of bad SEO techniques. Our skepticism is further fanned by events like the one involving J.C. Penney and their alleged link spamming, a practice which Google considers as a ground for the banning of erring Website.

There are two types of characters that you must avoid when searching for the best SEO service – SEO scammers and unqualified SEO consultants. You don’t want to engage the services of a company or consultant whose expertise is on how to make a fast one at your expense or someone who is simply clueless of what is supposed to be done to improve your search engine ranking.

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Spotting a Bad SEO Consultant

Bad SEO Service Provider : – It is pretty simple and easy to determine if the SEO service is bad news for you or not. Of course, when one makes over-the-top promises like overnight top ranking in search engine results, then it is definitely not a wise choice. Simple logic also dictates that you should also avoid companies and consultant that provide SEO services at incredibly low price.

Suffice it to say, you must also scrutinize even those companies or consultants that are deemed legit. Some of these companies or consultant may have been successful in their previous SEO projects but may have failed to update their strategies to match the changing search marketing landscape. Those SEO techniques that weaved magic in the past may not necessarily deliver the same results today. In fact, it can even be grounds for the banning of your Website.

Red Flags of Bad SEO Provider

  • Over-the-Top Promises – Follow this golden rule in searching for the right SEO Company or consultant – if it is too good to be true, then it probably is. Avoid so-called SEO experts that guarantee #1 search engine ranking or use sales scripts like “Beat Google” and “million-dollar proprietary search engine technology.”
  • Lack of Transparency – While most companies and consultant are justified with their position not the reveal their trade secrets, it would not be appropriate if they don’t reveal anything at all to their clients. While they are not obligated to divulge the details of what they are going to do with your Site, a reputable and legitimate SEO company or consultant should be willing to discuss the general information regarding the SEO techniques that they are using.
  • Fixation on Search Engine Ranking – Ranking is not the main goal of SEO, but a measure of the progress of the SEO campaign. If you are not getting the desired volume of traffic despite the “good” ranking in search engine results, then your SEO program is a total failure.
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Bad SEO Service Provider : – A good and trustworthy SEO company or consultant should have the wherewithal to acknowledge that they don’t know everything about SEO and they are into a continuing learning process.


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