10 Innovative Web Design UX Trends for 2019

Over the last decade or so, the internet has undergone a sea of change. Technology has seen developments which were unthinkable even twenty years ago. Even with the introduction of AI, VR and so on, what catches the eye of the general user is the change we have witnessed in web design trends.

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Breaking convention—that’s the way to go in 2019! If you have always believed that rules are meant to be followed, think again! The convention that serifs are for the printed paper and sans serif for screen are going to be challenged majorly. More and more websites are using serif for their on screen text, mainly to lay emphasis and make use of the decorative quality that the serif fonts provide.

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You may also like  10 Innovative Web Design UX Trends for 2019

An all color look to a website is not necessarily out-of-date. But a black-and-white palette undoubtedly stands out. It allows the user to view the world presented to them differently that the regular world. It offers a striking effect that sets a certain mood, pulling attention to details, often necessary and desired.And that makes it more interesting and their call-to-action more effective.

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2019 is all about making the consumer feel comfortable and fully immersed. So many web designers are doing away with geometric shapes like squares, rectangles and triangles which have sharp edges.They are instead going for more organic and natural shapes, giving the web design a naturally imperfect and asymmetrical look, which makes it much more relatable in more ways than one.

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Add glitches

Disorientation, double exposure, distortion—everything that makes up glitch art are making a major comeback in 2019. This is probably more due to the uncertain times of technological advancement we are living in. Glitch art does not only grab attention, but provides a certain psychedelic look which makes it interesting to look at.

  1. Micro-interactions[block]11[/block]

A micro-interaction is a response given by the website or app you are using every time you take an action. And this response is generated for the smallest of actions taken, like scrolling or refreshing a page, clicking on a menu etc. Even the tiniest of responses like a notification ping, or a tiny number announcing the number of messages received is a micro-interaction. These essentially immerses and involves the user psychologically, effectively making the website or app feel smart.

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As mentioned earlier, the recent developments in AI could propel web designs into an altogether new paradigm. Machine learning has reached a stage where chatbots could really be the in-thing in 2019.They are evolving into interactive programs that really “chat” with the user.They would not communicate just in a mechanical way but really respond and answer queries just like a human would do.

7. More videos

add more videos

Who wants to read though copious amounts of text when watching a short video would do just the thing? The purpose of integrating more video content into websites and apps is a way to engage more users. Those who would not stop to read, are more likely to hang around, even for a little while longer, if they are watching a captivating video that does the job. Websites, therefore, are making video production a priority so as to appear in search results more often. Even Google has customized their mixed search results to feature videos on top of standard web pages.

  1. Minimalism[block]13[/block]

2019 is all about minimalism.The lesser the elements on a website and less cluttered the look, the more engaging the content is. Aesthetically, a minimalist design shows the user exactly what she is looking for. Therefore, web pages with more contrast, white space and clear typography are likely to be in the spotlight this year.

  1. Mobile phone customization[block]14[/block]

The purpose of any website
is to make it more and more accessible to people.Since there is an overflow of mobile phone users than desktop users, customizing websites for the mobile phone interface is now a necessity. So is making it thumb friendly for ease of use. Navigation, menu drop downs, scrolling—everything needs to be smooth and thumb-friendly, to make the experience seamless as well as engaging.

  1. Diverse imagery[block]15[/block]

In this day and age, it is essential to make people from all cultures, ages, sexual orientations and gender identities feel inclusive. Websites therefore have moved from using flashy stock photos of models.They are more intent to use diverse imagery representing people from all walks of life to be the faces of their brands. 2019 is thus about being socially conscious and taking big leaps towards inclusiveness.


As you can see, we have big hopes for the world of web design in 2019. We hope that the changes we have predicted see the light of day. But it remains to be seen what other innovations are in store for us!And there may be more surprises that await us in the technologically glorious times ahead!