10 Brands that are crushing it on Instagram

Instagram has more than 1 billion users highly engaged in consuming daily videos and pictures in millions. That is why Instagram can be referred to as a goldmine designed for sellers. As far as brands are concerned, Instagram is a digital platform equivalent to a magazine advertisement. The brand types advertising in Time and Cosmo do well in case of Instagram. Top 10 awesome brands are listed here that are crushing it on Instagram right now.

Best Restaurant and Food Brands



You can take a lot of pictures of one and the same cookie! A huge variety of images rich in detail, recipes and DIY projects are shared by the brand which would take you down your childhood memory lane.

Shake Shack


From the time of inception in the form of a cart selling hot dog, at the Madison Square Park of Manhattan, the branding of Shake Shack is on point. Now they are crushing it on Instagram with great food, great photography and of course….. puppies!

Best Brands on Fashion



 There is good reason to mention Nike here. They consistently have the highest number of followers among fashion brands on Instagram and this difference is a huge one! Their feed is crushing it on Instagram with a mix of inspirational stories on athletes and images on ad campaigns- all of these resonating clearly with Instagram community.



Their shorts as short as American flag have earned Chubbies fame and name of a quintessential “brotailer”. Visit the hilarious Instagram of Chubbies to see how the brand redefines the way guys purchase clothes in this digital era.

Best Brands on Beauty   

 Frank Body


 Their body scrub line is perfect for Instagramming. They encourage customers for sharing pics with their scrubs working. They then repost these pics on their Instagram profile. Beautiful persons wearing almost nothing is one of the strategies of Frank Body with which they are crushing it on Instagram. They even handle a separate Instagram account for showing before and after which is: @frankfeedback.

MAC Cosmetics  


You will keep wondering about the endless possibilities of this genius brand if you see the close-up pics of their fashionable makeup looks. Their many Instagram posts are “regrams” too from well known makeup artists, meaning most marketing work is already done on their behalf. All the MAC products used exactly for creating a makeup look are included in the caption so that customers do not need to do any guesswork. This is undoubtedly a brilliant idea.

Best Websites and Publications



 The company website of Vogues is promoted through Instagram. The phrase- “Click the link in our bio” is included nearly in every caption. This means they frequently change the URL and this upkeep is worthy. Best part is their photos captivate users in no time. 10 Brands on Instagram

Brit + Co


The online community of Brit + Co provides tools for teaching, simplifying and inspiring day to day life. You would love to find many DIY projects in their feed like “How to Send Your Long Distance Bestie the Ultimate Care Package.” Instagram was truly made for their Brit + Co’s informative, creative and highly shareable contents. Watch out for them- they are absolutely crushing it on Instagram. 

Best Television Shows or Stations   



It is no surprise that a successful entertainment company like Disney has excelled on Instagram. From many movies, historical photo stocks, theme parks, countless products Disney is never short of visual contents to share with.



Their presentation to the audience is really appealing. The Instagram of MTV speaks everything such as celebrity drama, pop culture and young adult/teen/tween.

As the crushing of these brands shows on Instagram, there are multiple options for you to add to your marketing content, from graphic videos, stills to interactions with your customers. So ably use Instagram applying appropriate marketing strategies.

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