How to Apply Aloe Vera on Face

How to use aloe vera on face

How to Apply Aloe Vera on Face Aloe or aloe vera on face is a popular, safe herbal medicine dating back to over 6000 years in different cultures. Egyptians engraved the use of it on the stone carvings referring it as “plant of mortality” there. Fast forwarding to the present …

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How to Glue Down Eyebrows?

how to glue down your eyebrows

We know for years that a pair of good eyebrows is essential for any attractive makeup look. What you need to do is to mask your own eyebrows totally for drawing them better with the ones more exaggerated on top. Thus your face gets transformed. While giving yourself a makeup …

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What Hair Colour Looks Best on Me

what hair colors looks best on me

What Hair Colour Looks Best on Me When you try to find what hair colour looks best on you, you need to take into account the skin tone of yours, colour theory and also science. In fact it is more about the colour that suits and matches your skin tone …

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How to Remove Individual Eyelashes

How to remove individual eyelashes

Individual eyelashes help in creating a voluminous and dramatic look. You can remove the eyelashes yourself in case you prefer so. Else you may go to the salon where the lash technician applied them on your natural eyelashes and get them removed there. If you wish to do it naturally …

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How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes

Magnetic lashes are overwhelming. Faux glue-free lashes are really enticing. Being the latest innovation in eyelash technology, the magnetic lashes have a smooth enhancement. This allows expertise of all levels to add volume and length to the natural eyelashes they have within minutes. You may wear magnetic eyelashes with any …

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How to Get More Followers on Instragram

How to get more folloers on Instragram

followers on Instagram outgrew quickly as one fun application for kids and a serious tool for marketing of contents, selling, networking as well as audience building for brands and individuals. Instagram is the popular most social media on planet Earth with more than 200 million active members every month sharing …

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