How to Create G-mail account.

create your gmail account

Gmail refers to a web-based free email service provided by Google. Gmail allows your creating and sending email messages to both your personal and professional contacts. Not long before Gmail registration was only possible via an invitation from users already having a verified Google account on the web. This rule …

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How to Secure Wi-Fi

protect your wifi

Most companies and households go to greater lengths for preventing unauthorized users from their networks still Wi-Fi routers and access points can give a provision to hackers to get inconveniently. Wi-Fi signals often are broadcast beyond walls of homes and buildings and out in streets which entices hackers. Since lots …

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How to transfer Gmail Message to another E-mail

How to transfer gmail account to other account

Google Script helps to transfer Gmail messages to another E-mail. Suppose your Gmail account is old and you wish transferring all E-mail messages that exist, from that account which is old to your E-mail address which is new. This new E-mail address can be on@outlook.com, Google Apps (@thecompanyofyours.com), @gmail.com or …

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How to Create Website for Free

Create your website for free

Are you looking forward to creating a website for free but do not know how to start with? Well, through this article you will come to know everything regarding the matter. Site builders online are best for you if you have no training on programming but wish to control fully …

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Why Does Your Child Need Play

child's need to play

With the enhanced emphasis in school to develop academic skills, children at a younger age, dramatic “pretend” play plays an important role during early childhood. A growing research body shows that play is linked with social skill and cognitive developments which are prerequisites to learn more intricate conceptions as your …

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