how to get weather information

How to Get Weather Information

Predicting the weather is not always possible for you but certain mobile apps come close in this regard. With numerous advancements in meteorology, satellite imaging and Doppler radar weather forecast is more dependable than ever before so your search to get weather information easily and instantaneously will definitely be fulfilled. These weather apps are best for iOS and Android devices.

The Weather Channel

The ad-supported, free weather app of The Weather Channel is a TWC app providing you with rich meteorological data on wind, visibility and temperature on a daily or hourly basis with the availability of an extended forecast for 10 days. The Doppler radar based latest data for showing alarming weather alerts, weather events and rainfall can be displayed by interactive maps. Features for social sharing are also included in the app for users who upload photos, videos, tweets and images.

Emergency: Alerts

This app from American Red Cross will help you get weather information during disasters. The app keeps you updated regarding inclement weather conditions like winter storms, extreme heat, floods, hurricanes etc. Not only would the app monitor your location but you might enter cities and meet your near and dear ones too. A map is provided by the app with information on shelter in case of emergencies. Customizable alerts are also featured by the app. A scan through the information on disaster preparedness found in Emergency would surely get you prepared for a possible storm.

Dark Sky

Before using Dark Sky to get weather information you need to know that it offers free service for Android but paid service for iOS. This app impresses plenty of mobile users by hyper-accurate forecasting on local weather and it continues improving on this formula. A main revamp of interface puts more data on weather right on your fingertips. Precipitation graph, handy forecasts for every hour and precipitation map indicating what might happen next hour now accompany the hyper-local freakishly accurate forecast. Additionally there are lock-screen digests on weather, customizable notifications and severe alerts regarding weather. UV information is included in main timeline and granular information options are there. The latest Dark Sky update is the app interface’s bright refresh which does not skimp to bring all meteorological information important for you now.

Yahoo! Weather

To get weather information use this beautiful free Yahoo Weather app that brags of a stunning interface. This is striking as well as informative. Your location’s images are displayed by the app with matching weather conditions and time of the day and option for viewing satellite maps, heat, interactive radar and 5 day forecasts in detail. The concise, clean presentation of Yahoo Weather has made it an app of eminence especially as far as its user-friendliness is concerned.

Hello Weather

Bold colours keep the interface of this app readable and bright. Here you will get weather information clearly with the presentation of forecast data in clean icons and info graphics which you will be able to tap for drilling down to get more information.

Weather Timeline

Through a display of high configuration, ad-free no-nonsense weather forecasts are delivered by Weather Timeline to the Android device of yours. Choose different data sources to get alerts on extreme weather. You can save various locations viewing detailed forecasts daily along with precipitation forecasts, temperature highs-lows, with option for drilling down to hourly forecasts in detail. The app presents weather in a clean timeline on smartphone and a tablet’s landscape mode puts a number of graphs next to the timeline.

Therefore with any of these weather apps to get weather information and a little bit of planning your holiday get-togethers and reaching weekend getaways will not be spoilt by severe weather or unexpected storms.


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