Nancy O’Dell Leaves ‘Entertainment Tonight’

Nancy O’Dell Leaves ‘Entertainment Tonight’ – Nancy O’Dell, the co-host of the famous show ‘Entertainment Tonight’ has decided to move on after her long run of nine years. On its last Friday broadcast, Nancy O’Dell Leaves ‘Entertainment Tonight’ – she addressed the viewers and bid them goodbye. She also mentioned that she will be leaving her current role to start a “new chapter.”

While addressing the viewers, she expressed excitement about the development. She reminisced about her childhood days when she would watch Leeza Gibbons and Mary Hart on the show and would wonder about their cool job.A small-town girl from Myrtle Beach, SC, O’Dell would admire the beautiful and powerful women and hope that she would make it there one day. And she did! She expressed gratitude for the love and support granted to her.

Nancy O’Dell Leaves ‘Entertainment Tonight’ – O’Dell, who is now 53 years old, explained how this decision came to be. While talking to a friend, she learned about a “life list” where one writes down accomplishments in career and list of goals yet to be achieved. She made one for herself and realized that she must give up her current role if she wanted to achieve those “yet to be” goals. But she also indicated that she might not be leaving the genre altogether. For the time being, she wants to spend time with her daughter, and then she would be back again.

Nancy O’Dell Leaves ‘Entertainment Tonight’ – O’Dell also became emotional as she remembered her friend, agent, and manager, John Ferriter, who helped her find her job at ‘Entertainment Tonight.’ John passed away only a week ago. Before passing, he told her to make the best of life as it is too short. O’Dell said that John and Oprah Winfrey both said the same thing, and she admired their wisdom.

She signed off from the episode by thanking her viewers for being there for her and forming a special bond while they discussed entertainment news. She promised that this would not be a goodbye but more of a “see you soon” as she would soon back with her “next chapter.”

Both she and her co-host Frazier shared posts on Instagram announcing her emotional goodbye.

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