What is Lash Lift – a complete guide

If you wish to give a dramatic look to your eyelashes then lash lift can be the way out. Lash lift refers to one revolutionary technique giving length, curl and volume to your innate eyelashes. The technician would apply a silicone shield shaped specially, around your eye first. This is to ensure that the product applied in the process does not come in contact with the sensitive portion around your eye. Thereafter an adhesive safe for your eyes is used above the pad which brushes your lashes upward. Next an especial solution for lifting the lashes is used. The function of this solution is to soften your hair bonds thus moulding them in a shape set by the adhesive. After half an hour the adhesive is removed carefully and your eyelashes are flutter-worthy totally!

Does one need preparing for a lash lift?  

One must not wear any sort of make-up. In case the person wears contact lenses then she requires removing these prior to the treatment.

Is lash lift permanent?

Lash lift makes use of your natural eyelashes for creating that wide-eyed coveted look. On an average, a good treatment of lash lift should last for 6 to 8 weeks. The good news is- you do not need to make a maintenance appointment between treatments! As is the case of all beauty treatments, results might vary from one person to another. The longevity also depends upon how much care you are taking to preserve them and ensure you in maximizing the time. On having a lash lift, try avoiding the use of any make-up that is oil based. This is because the solution may be disrupted by the oil making it more difficult to stick. Simultaneously do not apply waterproof mascara as removing it often necessitates the use of make-up remover with oil content in it. Some activities, for instance swimming can result in premature weakening of the bonds there in eyelashes. If the lash lift does not last for eight weeks, you have to wait for at least 6 weeks then go for repetition of the treatment.

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Can one still use her preferred lash enhancers? 

Surely! The ultimate aim is to make eyelashes look luscious. So regular tint for lashes and serums for lash growth-cum-thickening can be used still, together with the lash lift treatment.   

Is lash lift bad or painful for eyelashes?

It can be said from experience that lash lift is actually soothing with little or no discomfort. If you do not like people coming too close to you or have sensitive eyes then there is just a part of it that causes you cringing. Before the application of the solution, lash artist would need to place 2 silicon pads over the line of your lower lash. The artist does this for keeping your lower eyelashes out of solution. You will have a little discomfort only with this part. But this saves you from the chances of your lower eyelashes curling upwards. Rest of the lash lift procedure is very much relaxing and you may close your eyes. Based on which solution is used, it might even help in strengthening your eyelashes. It would reinforce them by the use of keratin or nutrients similar to it.

As an extra precaution for your eyes, lash lift artists recommend a patch test one day beforehand. This test is optional. It is a simple test which would detect the eye area that might be minimally affected with inflammation, redness or irritation during the lash lift treatment.

Instructions for post care

The first twenty four hours after you receive the treatment are very important for safety and effectiveness.  At this period be sure to:

  • Avoid oil-based lotion or cream
  • Keep your eyelashes make-up free and dry

In general- avoid rubbing your eyes, using eyelash curler and waterproof mascara.


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