what color concealer to use

What Colour Concealer to Use

There is nothing as effective as a concealer for transforming the skin tone of yours dramatically. Most importantly, concealer covers up dark under-eye circles as well as those bothersome blue veins popping up below your eyes when you are tired. It magically erases red spots too seemingly vanishing them from your face. So what colored concealer to apply? Well, with the availability of color correcting concealers, you can be left bewildered of the trick it plays! These concealers are less intuitive and entirely different to tackle.

Colour theory and selecting the right shade of concealer for your skin   

The color and texture of your concealer depend on the skin tone you have actually. Here are the opinions of the 2 top experts from the industry for helping you differentiate between purple concealer, green concealer and also all other hues under a rainbow. Read their tips forming one complete guide for the best color concealer in case of all skin concerns.

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According to Rocio Matos- leading Makeup Artist and Trainer at Blushington, skin dullness can be fixed best by purple concealer. Its application gives your skin healthy glow masking some part of sallowness.  


Matos opines that green concealers are most suitable to tame irritation, redness and for spot concealing redness from zits or breakouts.  


It is a fantastic evener for skin tone. Director-at-Large of Beauty.com- Romy Soleimani explains that yellow neutralizes the purple in your skin. It is great for purple darkness below your eye area and blemishes. As a bonus, yellow adds brightness to your skin.


As Soleimani says, in actuality orange is great to correct the gloom in your skin. She says that apricot is very effective for circles under the eyes. Matos further explains that it helps in evening out on skin tones before a foundation is applied. It hides discoloration and too dark spots as well.


Soleimani says that pink color concealers add brightness to your skin. Add a pink touch around your eye region to revive and brighten your skin. It also evens out your skin tone.

If you wonder whether you can mix-n-match colors making like Van Gogh then “yes” is the answer! Matos explains that no one has the same skin exactly all over. Some facial areas benefit from the use of several different kinds of concealers for getting that right shade for concealing. For example, you surely do not want to go out with a big purple circle below your eyes so all you have to do is to blend properly. Matos tells that you should always use one small wet sponge or beauty blender. He adds that you can make use of a small-sized concealer brush too to be sure that you do not pick up a large quantity of the product. Distribute the product evenly all through the area. There should not be any visible, thick patches of the product left on the skin after blending.

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Go one or two shades lighter than the color of your skin

You positively want your foundation perfectly matches the color of your skin. Therefore you need to apply a concealer, which is just 1-2 shades lighter than the natural skin tone of yours- writes the makeup artist Bobbi Brown in ‘Living Beauty’.

Testing the concealer  

It is a product you require to try out before buying. So do not buy any non-returnable product. Instead, try various concealers at counters of department stores. Test the color on the neck region below the ear. Remember the color has to be a little lighter than the foundation you will apply. In case you choose a very light color, you will look like a raccoon. Just like foundation, you might need to use a lighter shade of concealer in the winter season than in summer. While covering up under-eye circles or blue veins, test the concealer’s consistency. Dab it on your blue veins on inner wrist part. If the concealer covers up the veins then you have found the right one.

Now armed with all this information you are probably ready to pick up the color concealer appropriate for you. Make sure to apply it properly.

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