How to Take Off Make Up Without Makeup Wipes

Hope you are doing well! Today we would talk about how to take off makeup without makeup wipes. For keeping your skin glowing good health you it is very essential to remove makeup. Wearing makeup on skin for a long time might clog your pores resulting in pimples, blemishes or acne on your skin. Using makeup can be considered as bliss but its removal may turn into a mess! A variety of makeup remover wipes are available in market but you should avoid such chemical products because they might leave the skin dry. Instead, you can use the following natural alternatives for removing makeup.

Natural baby shampoo

You may use organic or natural baby shampoo at your home. As it is especially designed for children, it is extremely gentle and mild on your skin. It is free of chemicals and hence you can apply it on your face for removing makeup. Take baby shampoo and little bit of water. Thereafter rub on your face then use water to rinse off.

Coconut oil

As all of us know- coconut oil undoubtedly is one of the best natural ingredients in your regular beauty routine. Everything is possible with coconut, even your makeup removal. Coconut oil has light consistency that gets easily absorbed by your skin thus helping in the removal of makeup. Dab some amount of coconut oil on your face. Next thoroughly cleanse the face with cotton pad.

Mix of aloe vera and olive oil

Aloe vera naturally cleanses your skin thereby removing makeup easily while olive oil has the properties of anti-inflammation. Take 1 spoon fresh gel of aloe vera and add 1 spoon olive oil to it. Give some time so that the 2 get mixed. After that put the mixture on face and wipe off the makeup with cotton ball. Using aloe vera and olive oil mix would make your skin supple and hydrate it too.

Milk therapy

A truly great and easy alternative for removing makeup is milk. Besides, being an excellent ingredient for skin soothing, milk not only moisturizes your skin but also hydrates it as well. According to experts if you wish to remove makeup healthily then mix milk with some drops of almond oil. Wipe the face of yours with the mixture. Now wash with water off.


You are right in what you heard about steaming! Steaming is a 100% effective as well as cheap remedy which can come to your help in taking off makeup without makeup wipes. Steaming easily washes away impurities and dirt and helps in the unclogging of pores. Take some time to boil water. Next lean on the steam for a while making sure that the steam soon reaches till your face. Do it for 5 to 10 minutes. Apply a moisturizer for moisturizing and hydrating your skin.

Baby lotion

In addition to baby shampoo, baby lotion evidently is another effective remedy to makeup wipes as far as taking off makeup is concerned. It also pampers your skin. This natural way protects your skin from drying. Choose a baby lotion of good quality which is devoid of chemicals. Dab some lotion on your face. Thereafter clean your face with cotton ball. Repeat the procedure if necessary by applying some more of the baby lotion. This is an outstanding remedy!

Baking soda and honey mask

The mask of baking soda and honey helps you in easily getting rid of makeup. Baking soda deeply cleanses your skin while honey is rich in natural humectants content. Take 2 spoons baking soda and add 2 spoons honey to it. Mix the 2 and apply the mixture on your face. Splash cold water on face. This quick home remedy would instantly take off makeup.

So as you see- there are a number of natural ingredients to take off makeup effectively. They are usually more affordable too in comparison with store-bought chemical products. See which is best for you as regards easiness, quickness and most importantly, comfort.

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