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How to remove individual eyelashes

How to Remove Individual Eyelashes

Individual eyelashes help in creating a voluminous and dramatic look. You can remove the eyelashes yourself in case you prefer so. Else you may go to the salon where the lash technician applied them on your natural eyelashes and get them removed there. If you wish to do it naturally then use oil and steam for removing the glue of the false lash. If you want it to be done in a traditional way, use a gel for removing false lashes. The gel would help in removing the lashes by dissolving the glue. Both these easy and quick processes would not damage your natural eyelashes. This article would discuss about the first method that is- removing lashes with steam and oil.

Method I : Lash removal with oil and steam

The steps
Wash face. Pull your hair back so that it does not fall on your face. Use a towel wrap or headband. Next splash water on your face washing it with one mild cleanser. Rinse off the soap then wipe your face with a dry face towel.
Boil 0.95 L or 32 fl oz of water inside a kettle. Pour water carefully in the kettle leaving it to be boiled. In absence of a kettle use a stove to boil water.
For avoiding burns, be cautious while you boil the water.
Pour this hot water in a large bowl of glass. The bowl has to have the capacity of holding 0.95 L or 32 fl oz of water. Pour the water gently. Be very careful if you require moving the hot water bowl. Wear one pair oven gloves in that case.
Never ever use plastic bowl because plastic would melt due to the water heat.
You may use metal bowl if glass bowl is not there. But due to the metal body of this bowl it would become extremely hot once boiled water is poured in it. So do not touch it then.
Take the steam of the boiled water on your face for ten to fifteen minutes for loosening the lashes. Position the face around 12 inches or 30 centimetres away from bowl. If you feel uncomfortable with the heat then move your face slightly more away from where the bowl is kept. Set timer for fifteen minutes and wait as the steam works its magic by rising up to the lashes.
Pull out the false lashes starting from your outer eye corners. Use one pair tweezers or tug gently on every individual lash with fingers for removing them. The steam loosens the glue thus allowing the artificial lashes glide away easily from eyes.
If the lash removal process hurts your eyes, steam face for two more minutes then try to remove individual eye lashes again.
Wipe olive or coconut oil on your lash line for removing any straggler. Dip cotton pad in the oil wiping it across your lash base. This would help remove any glue remnants. Continue wiping oil on the area till all the lashes remaining are gone. Use tissue for wiping off any greasy remains of the oil.

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Apply baby oil or almond oil,
in case you do not have olive or coconut oil at home.


For lash removal with oil and steam you will need:
Cotton pads
Coconut or olive oil
Boiling water
Heat-safe bowl
Measuring cup

The safe removal of individual eyelashes prevents from damaging your natural eyelashes thus ensuring eye health by protecting eyes. Hygienic consideration lowers eye irritation or infection risks. In that way the natural option of using steam and oil to remove the false lashes is a very good one as it takes care of your eye health during the removal process.

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