how to glue down your eyebrows

How to Glue Down Eyebrows?

We know for years that a pair of good eyebrows is essential for any attractive makeup look. What you need to do is to mask your own eyebrows totally for drawing them better with the ones more exaggerated on top. Thus your face gets transformed. While giving yourself a makeup look you need more facial surface area. So when you remove your brow the game changes. While some people entirely shave off their eyebrows for easily doing their remaining makeup, most others take resort to plain and simple gluing of their eyebrows downward. But it is easier to say rather than done. It is a quite difficult step. Through this step you may learn anything else or can even be an outstanding makeup artist but in case you cannot master how to glue down your eyebrows the look will not be cohesive. Although drag queens are the ones who deserve credit for this technique but certainly they are no more the only ones doing it and this explains spike in the interest. Glued down eyebrows is one of the trendiest makeup looks nowadays. If you wish to turn your looks when going out, opt for it. There is no single way to glue down eyebrows. Whilst some make use of adhesive or substances of professional level, others prefer glue stick of a kind that you used to stash in desk at elementary school. With this stick you can glue down your eyebrows within 15 minutes with ample time left to paint the remaining portion of face. Find out here the steps to glue down your eyebrows.

Step I- Clean your eyebrows

Clean your brows and brow-hair with alcohol. Using handy wipes would make the glue dripping inside your eyes less likely. You are required to have a clean face for working on. First wipe off your facial surface for getting rid of all oil. The glue comes in contact with oil. So if your face is too oily, the oil would break the glue making it clumpy.

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Step II- Whip out glue stick

Glue sticks are cheaper besides coming off only with water when the night ends. Slam the glue all over your eyebrows both clockwise and anticlockwise to get the glue under your eyebrow hair. In order to set it, leave it for 10-15 seconds. Meanwhile you may do rest of your face makeup.

Step III- Comb up

Soon after you get a tacky feeling due to the glue, comb up your brow-hairs in same direction with one spoolie brush.

Step IV- Flatten the hair down

Use the handle of another brush to make your brow-hair as flat as possible against your forehead. Roll the brush handle up the eyebrow part and smash the hairs down. At such a point of time there may be some extra glue on top of your eyebrows. Wipe it off carefully with an alcohol pad.

Step V- Pack the powder in  

Press powder on the glue and its surrounding area using a sponge for setting your brows prior to makeup. Any tinted powder of neutral setting would work. Avoid using foundation in place of oil as the oil contained there would melt the glue right off.

Step VI- Repeat as necessary

A single layer of glue and powder is okay. But suppose you are going for a night out with friends and sweating the whole night. In that case you will need doing more though repeating the entire routine is not necessary. Solely repeat the powder and glue layers again and again till you feel like that it is secure. On an average 4 to 5 powder coats would do.

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Next paint your new eyebrows with an angled fine brush for tracing the bottom of your new eyebrow over your old one that is hiding now under 5 layers of powder and glue.

Gluing down your eyebrows plays an important role in the transformation of your face or creating any special effect on your face. With the involvement of such a process it is no wonder that plenty of people desire to glue down their eyebrows!

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