How to do Cat Eye makeup

The trick of cat eye is a little flirty make-up every girl must instill in her repertoire of beauty. Creating a flawless cat eye is definitely an art. In one interview given to Refinery 29, Ash K Holm- make-up artist of the Sweetener singer Ariana Grande detailed the way she manages creating a perfect cat eye. She told that the look only needs the use of right products and an accurate touch. She said, “Use an angled eyeliner brush to extend the wing, and make sure the wing is angled upward towards the tail end of your eyebrows to lift the eyes up.”

Although mastering this look is not that easy but with a few simple steps and right tools you will soon be able to apply a flick of cat eye just as a pro. The materials required are as follows:

  • Eye shadow to form the base on your eyelid.
  • Liquid eyeliner with a thin and sturdy brush or a gel- whichever is your personal preference.
  • Eye-popping mascara for final instruction.

Now you can begin mastering this playful trend of beauty! Here are the steps.

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 Step 1: Applying the eye shadow

  You can choose any colour you desire but applying a slightly light colour or one that matches your skin tone is better. Using an eye shadow lighter than or same as your skin colour won’t dramatize your cat eye look. Therefore you can wear such a look whenever you wish to. With a gentle touch of the eye shadow brush apply the eye shadow evenly on your eyelids.   

Step 2: Drawing a line in an angular manner

Firstly, lower the eyelid of yours so that you get a smooth surface for drawing on. Next draw a single line from your eye’s outer corner up at one angle. You can also start over your eye drawing the line downwards, in case you feel it is easier to do so. Increase the length of the line and draw it at sharper angle compared to what you had thought. The reason behind this is when you keep your eyes opened the line appears to be smaller always.       

Step 3: Creating a triangle

Form the shape of a triangle by means of connecting top of the flick downward to the lash line. It would be to some extent in a line with the outward edge of the iris.

Step 4: Filling up the triangle   

Fill up the triangle with the application of liquid eyeliner. Surely layer enough of the product so that the colour is saturated and smooth.

Step 5: Connecting the triangle with the lash line

Make the area smooth where this triangle is meeting your eyelash line. This method is a little different from your normal applying of eyeliner because here you are connecting the triangle with the inward corner of the eye. Only make sure to apply it thickly where this triangle is meeting your eyelash line and thinly when you move close to the internal corner of the eye.     

Step 6: Touching up if there is any mistake

It is less likely that you would make it perfect initially. Nobody does!             Therefore dip one Q-tip in your make-up remover or Vaseline and apply it for erasing any smudge or area that you wish to sharpen.

Step 7: Applying mascara

Wait a minute for drying the mascara. Now finish with 2 coats of mascara. So you are ready with the cat eye illusion!  

Making both eyes look uniform can be something tricky. Practise several times for finding out your favourite angle. You can also do step 1 on both your eyes before you continue with the remaining steps. It really helps to see if both your eyes look symmetrical. On mastering the look, let the cat eye illusion make an impact wherever you go- be it a date, a friends’ night out or it can even be your signature make-up!

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