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Magnetic lashes

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are overwhelming. Faux glue-free lashes are really enticing. Being the latest innovation in eyelash technology, the magnetic lashes have a smooth enhancement. This allows expertise of all levels to add volume and length to the natural eyelashes they have within minutes. You may wear magnetic eyelashes with any other make-up only remember to use those products for eye makeup that won’t damage the magnetic lashes. Here is a guide to how to apply magnetic lashes correctly on your eyelash line for looking flawless.

Rule 1- Order the magnetic lash brand appropriate for you  

In the first place, make sure of ordering the very right magnetic lash pair. You need to do a little research to find out the best pair of magnetic lashes for yourself.

Rule 2- Order the set that is right for you

In the second place you have to determine the kind of set to be ordered for you- Original, Bold, Accent are the 3 kinds of sets. Original is like normal and natural eyelashes. The Bold eyelash gives you more volume. So order a Bold set straightaway if you want to gift your eyes a striking effect. Accent eyelashes are perfect for the occasions when you only need a little touch of volume and length. In Accent style there is gradual increase in length toward every outer edge. This provides natural-looking texture and volume making the lashes best for daily wear. If you wear Accent lashes regularly then the ones with wispy lash style appearance is your perfect pick. These eyelashes are lightweight. Their length gradually increases in the direction of every outer edge. Their wispy, full texture allows natural-looking augmentation.

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All kinds of magnetic eyelashes come in durable case with 2 sets of eyelashes inside- 4 tops and 4 bottoms. Therefore a free pair for backup is always there for you. You can reuse the lashes. So out of every pair you get something more than a single wear. One red dot on magnetic strip is there for bottom lashes to let you know where which set would be applied. Designated cubby types of holes are there in the set for “Top Left/Top Right/Bottom Left/Bottom Right” so that after wearing you are able to store them inside the right place.

Rule 3- Apply this technique

Place bottom piece of lash underneath your eyelash and keep your eye closed. The bottom eyelash piece is the one having a red dot. Next set the topmost one over your eyelash where they get set in place.

The steps for flawless application of magnetic eyelashes are:-

Step 1

Use every other make-up first. It is important especially if you are using magnetic lashes for the first time. Put all other make-up first before you apply the magnetic lashes. Else the lashes can smudge your all other make-up at the time of application.

Step 2

Apply one mascara coat to the natural eyelashes you have, before applying magnetic lashes. This would balance the look. Go for a tube of mascara coming with a small brush. Thus it becomes easier for targeting just a little part of your eyelashes.

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Step 3

Open the eye and put bottom lash under top lash.

Step 4

Push bottom lash in place as much close to eyelash line as you can. Now shut your eye.

Step 5

Place upper lash above your natural eyelash. It would get connected to bottom magnetic lash. Voila!

It works because when you close your eye, it keeps bottom lash properly in place. This is why you can now go down to grab top lash. On snapping in place they are exactly at your upper eyelash line.

Therefore by following these easy steps you can quickly master the art of applying magnetic lashes and achieve impressive results.

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