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How to Fix Cakey Makeup?

cakey makeup fix

How to Fix Cakey Makeup? In spite its connotation that sounds delicious, you generally wish to avoid cakey makeup. The term “cakey makeup” refers to powders and foundations appearing layered and thick when applied. You look artificial and your glow is dulled which is just no-no especially in this era …

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What Colour Concealer to Use

what color concealer to use

There is nothing as effective as a concealer for transforming the skin tone of yours dramatically. Most importantly, concealer covers up dark under-eye circles as well as those bothersome blue veins popping up below your eyes when you are tired. It magically erases red spots too seemingly vanishing them from …

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What is Lash Lift – a complete guide

What is lash lift

If you wish to give a dramatic look to your eyelashes then lash lift can be the way out. Lash lift refers to one revolutionary technique giving length, curl and volume to your innate eyelashes. The technician would apply a silicone shield shaped specially, around your eye first. This is …

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How to do Cat Eye makeup

How to do cat eye

The trick of cat eye is a little flirty make-up every girl must instill in her repertoire of beauty. Creating a flawless cat eye is definitely an art. In one interview given to Refinery 29, Ash K Holm- make-up artist of the Sweetener singer Ariana Grande detailed the way she …

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How to Apply Aloe Vera on Face

How to use aloe vera on face

How to Apply Aloe Vera on Face Aloe or aloe vera on face is a popular, safe herbal medicine dating back to over 6000 years in different cultures. Egyptians engraved the use of it on the stone carvings referring it as “plant of mortality” there. Fast forwarding to the present …

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How to Glue Down Eyebrows?

how to glue down your eyebrows

We know for years that a pair of good eyebrows is essential for any attractive makeup look. What you need to do is to mask your own eyebrows totally for drawing them better with the ones more exaggerated on top. Thus your face gets transformed. While giving yourself a makeup …

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