Top 10 Free and Easy Methods for TOEFL Learning

The secret of getting through TOEFL lies in improving your overall English without just making this exam your focus. Thereby take it in this way- the key to your success in one singing competition is, to improve your skills in music as a whole. Only preparing to sing a song or two won’t serve the purpose. The same thing applies for your TOEFL learning.

TOEFL and the big deal about it

Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL in short, is a test for assessing your English proficiency in academic environment. This examination integrates 4 basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Colleges and universities widely use TOEFL especially in Canada and the US for deciding you have that required skill set or not to learn in one academic setting where the medium of instruction is English. Although scoring well in TOEFL is just a factor as regards admission decisions and cannot give the guarantee of admission, scoring low in TOEFL might jeopardize your chance to get in to a college or university. Today we will share 10 free and easy methods for TOEFL learning.

TED Talks for improving your listening skills

It is a good free resource to practice listening for TOEFL. On an average people coming from academic backgrounds do TED Talks. So the English level that the makers of these videos use is perfect to prepare for academic English tests like TOEFL. As TED Talks include a wide range of topics from technology and science to humanities and arts, plenty of materials are there to choose from. Moreover, accessing TED Talks is free. Therefore, first start to listen to one TED Talk audio and take notes. Next watch its video having transcript or subtitles. This easy 2 step process would help you in identifying where to improve your listening.

Learn idioms

If you can demonstrate accurately the use of English idioms, you can get higher score in TOEFL’s speaking and writing sections. Hundreds of free resources are there for learning idioms. Spoken English learning blogs publish articles constructed in simple format that can be very easily printed out or bookmarked. But remember overuse of idioms won’t make any sense.

The Learning Network of New York Times to improve your reading    

This is a great free resource for widening your vocabulary besides improving your reading and also writing skills. The articles here use a type of advanced sentence structure typically found in TOEFL’s Comprehension section. Furthermore, every week there are vocabulary quizzes that are excellent for students of intermediate level.

Log in to for sample tests  

The official site for ETS is Therefore it shall be a portion of any free TOEFL resource list. This body governs academic exams on English such as TOEFL and GRE. One most important section of this website is a section dedicated to exam preparation- like students can download TOEFL iBT Interactive Sampler for free.

Utilize a forum catering to students taking preparation for exams on academic English

Different such exams are TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE etc. Such forums are great meeting points for international students seeking to get admitted in MSc or Phd programmes in institutions of Australia, UK and USA.

Use Purdue Online Writing Lab for practicing writing skills

It is a completely free resource offering many writing guides and tutors for answering any writing related question. BBC for learning English  

This free website has tips in tons for learning and improving English. Useful free resources are also there to practice grammar and vocabulary. Videos and activities are there for improving listening skills. This website highlights on current affairs and would help you with pronunciation and teach you new words in the process. Duolingo

This mobile application is free of cost. There are a lot of games and quizzes to strengthen your stock of words and increase your knowledge on various topics. Voice of America  

You can download this free resource onto tablets and mobile phones. This listening app helps you develop listening skills while giving both American and global news. Open learning

You can download it on your computer. It covers a wide spectrum of subjects and offers free courses based on them. This will help in improving your English language skills.

So try these out for your TOEFL learning. Once you finish preparing, go to take the test. Always remind yourself of your consistent hard work. Be confident and relaxed.

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