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How to Sell Any Product on Amazon

How to Sell Any Product on Amazon

Many products are offered by Amazon through which you as an online retailer are able to sell inventory although selecting a programme to be used to sell any product on Amazon might be a challenge. amazon Remember managing an account on Amazon and meeting specific requirements for Amazon’s Marketplace are time consuming and depend on your knowledge base. Still interested? Then keep on reading.

What is Amazon Marketplace?   

It is one most renowned marketing channel for an online retailer. For listing products on Amazon Marketplace you require creating an account and sending Amazon product feed. Marketplace listings refer to results of the seller that appear on typing a query into search box.

How to Sell Any Product on Amazon

These are the primary was to sell your product on Amazon and several qualifications for helping you decide the best selling option for the online store of yours.

  • Sell to Amazon

 This is invite only programme. By direct selling to Amazon your inventory is granted Amazon ownership which would be marketed and sold to shoppers on Amazon.

How this works: Manufacturers or merchants sell the inventory of themselves- for instance hats to Amazon.com at wholesale rate. The seller now is done with the product on sending it to Amazon. Amazon pays the seller directly for inventory and maintains the product’s ownership. Amazon sells these products on Amazon marketplace choosing the price of their own and the shipping options. By selling to Amazon you are benefited with:-

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Avoiding the hassles of price handling, shipping as well as other logistics for selling of products

Bulk purchases

Display and functionality of detail page available only to Amazon for example, subscribe and save.

  • Sell on Amazon.com

This is a very popular option to sell with Amazon. Today more than 50% of sales with Amazon.com come from 3rd party sellers.

How this works: On Amazon Marketplace products are listed by sellers. Then they as third party sellers sell their items. Generally to sell any product on Amazon, you have to work more than sell it to Amazon but here there are potentials to attain higher margin and greater controlling levels. Sellers on Amazon Marketplace control prices, shipping and fulfillment optionally. They can choose from various fulfillment options. To sell any product on Amazon, sellers can select whether they wish handling fulfillment or allow Amazon.com to sort, do the packaging and ship the products through fulfillment centres of their own.

For selling on Amazon Marketplace as a 3rd party seller, you have option for using fulfillment services of Amazon:

Selling using fulfillment of your own (FBM) – Fulfillment for their items sold on Amazon Marketplace are handled by sellers themselves.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – The fulfillment of Amazon for items sold on Amazon Marketplace is leveraged by sellers. FBA benefits include- less business operations, Amazon Prime, customer service and returns, increased shipping speed, buy box share and Amazon branding.  

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Sellers are charged by Amazon for selling on Amazon Marketplace depending on the programme they select for selling through and the amount they can sell. By selling any product on Amazon you get the benefits of:

Increased exposure

Leveraging Amazon Marketplace advantages

Finding new customers

Increased sales

Cost for Selling on Amazon

Amazon sellers may choose between Individual or Professional selling plan. $0.99 is paid by individual sellers for every item sold on Amazon.com besides a variable closing fee that ranges between $0.45 and $1.35. Referral fee percentage and variable closing fee are paid by professional sellers ranging between 6% and 25%.

How to Advertise on Amazon.com

 Reach of Amazon sponsored product programme has been expanded by Amazon. This programme is an outlet for advertising in case of Amazon sellers that increases the visibility for buy box items. Amazon has updated this programme in 2018 with features of Campaign Manager like- easier use of Seller Central, automatic targeting and most remarkably increased visibility on the Amazon search as well as product pages. Search relevancy, bids and keywords are used by Amazon for displaying ads.

Amazon can be used transparently and leniently to sell any product on Amazon. With the right business strategy you can earn profits by beating the competition.

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