Definitive Guide to Cohort Analysis for E-commerce

Definitive Guide to Cohort Analysis for E-commerce

There are plenty of e-commerce stores- around 2 to 3 million, as counted by pie candy. Most of these stores fail according to statistics. In 2018 t has been found that online failure and success depends on- knowing well the needs and wants of the consumers. Here cohort analysis can help you out. This article would show you the importance of cohort analysis in the context of e-commerce.

Cohort analysis

As far as the circles of e-commerce are concerned, cohort essentially is a customer group who have come together by some common characteristic they have shared for a particular time period.

For example, it can be a customer group shopping with you for the past 12 months. Nevertheless, it is truly a broad cohort. Some more specific examples are:

  • Trial signups last month
  • Consumers acquired through advertisements on Facebook
  • Paying the customers in the month of June

So here there are people’s groups taking the same action for a particular period of time.

Therefore cohort analysis refers to seeing a customer group who performed similar or same activities. Hence it is possible to club them together in one cohort. While performing cohort analysis you are breaking your customers in different groups in order to make them form patterns as well as observe their behavioral trends. On identifying trends and patterns you can target the right people and marketing campaigns. This is opposed to making everybody with the same campaign target that would finally fall on numerous deaf ears.

The role of cohort analysis in e-commerce

Cohort analysis can be applied in the following 4 ways for growing e-commerce.

  1. Showing you how quickly you can convert leads to customers

Here comes cohort analysis. On Google Analytics, for instance, you can create one cohort named “customers’ first visit date” and check metric of “customers gained” before you apply a 12 months’ span of time. In case conversion is slow, you can use the cohort analysis information for speeding up things. This would mean bringing a change in the marketing campaign of yours.

  1. Getting insights into what products are better than the others

Carrying out cohort analysis by the first ordered product is a really smart idea. Some of the products are better to create long term loyal customers in comparison with others. On knowing how they are, your focus can be on those best ones. Some products generate customer loyalty for the long term. On knowing these products you can begin pushing them harder to new customers.

  1. Helping you to hold on your customers

To hold your already existing customers is necessary as customer retention might save your money on a long term basis. According to studies, on average customers who are loyal spend 67% more compared to new customers. Moreover, it costs less in retaining present customers than going out and finding new ones always.

  1. Cohort analysis gives clear picture regarding the purchase funnel you have

Shoppers wanted one omnichannel experience of shopping in 2018. They wanted to browse online and buying offline in a suitable time. There could be many reasons behind a customer’s adding products to the shopping cart and later abandoning them. Creating one cohort of those customers who view a product, abandon their cart, drop off while checking out would help identify their problems at their purchase journey’s each stage. You can use the information for targeting every cohort with varied tactics for increasing your rate of conversion.

The success of your e-commerce store depends on cohort analysis. It helps to better understand your customers. Leverage the cohort analysis for channelizing the efforts you put to understand deeply the demands of your customers. Cohort analysis allows you in making the right adjustment keeping your customers happy.

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