Fast Ways to Land a High Paid IT Job

Fast Ways to Land a High Paid IT Job

People in IT job have the scope of making one boat-load of money indeed. In fact, many IT jobs saw significant increases in salary from 2013 to the year 2014 with that biggest gain which sat at 8.4%. Are you curious about the IT careers bringing most moolah?  This master list contains some top paying IT jobs and what you need to make yourself able for a demonstration if you wish to land them. All of them are potent to bring for you on an average a lucrative six-figure income in US dollars per year.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

As this title suggests, CIO is king of the hill coming to a company’s way of using technology. CIO directly reports to the CEO. The CIO is responsible to make sure that each and every aspect of the company’s technological infrastructure is capable of and aligned with growing as well as supporting the business. The technological infrastructure’s complexity can vary from organization to organization.

If you wish to get this job then you will require being a Master of Computer Science, otherwise, Masters in any related field would also do. Besides, there should be minimum of 10 years’ experience as a manager in an IT environment. You also need an evident track record of leadership possessing people skills for matching their notable technical chops. Always keep in mind that apart from being able to talk technology with your whole team of administrators, engineers and developers you require translating all techno-babble in language understandable by rest of your organization.

Applications Architect

Thinking of application in diminutive “app” sense is tempting these days! The app is a program designed for working on mobile devices such as a smartphone or a tablet. Enterprise-level applications might be friends of complexity and code requiring more than only a PC along with some creativity. The Application Architect supervises developers’ teams working on projects that are corporate-wide and involve numerous departments often impacting a wide spectrum of stakeholders. These Architects have hand in every aspect of development which includes infrastructure, middleware and user interface. Yes, it is all about code but it is about people too who ultimately make use of codes and those networks and machines that such codes run on.

On wanting this gig you need to understand deeply relevant programming concepts, system architectures and development tools like Agile development and object-oriented design. The minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems or Computer Science. You need to strongly understand Java Enterprise Edition or .NET Framework of Microsoft. Several years’ experience in programming languages like C#, C++, AJAX is necessary.

Data Security Analyst

In this age, there are constant breaches of data by everybody from petty hackers to complete industrial and government espionage. This situation has necessitated the critical and challenging tech role of a Data Security Analyst. This job essentially calls for your task as a person to ensure the safety of the data of your company including customer’s data from the prying eyes.

For doing this you need in-depth knowledge regarding networks, encryption, firewalls and any other security framework, awareness of possible cyber threats and current security standards and excellent analytical skills. Furthermore, you have to be a specialist communicator.  This is because you simultaneously need to demonstrate to top brass the reason for maintaining and increasing your budget to secure the company’s assets and explain security protocols and strategies to your team and the company’s remaining staff. In this respect, having a professional qualification under your belt like Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) would be an added advantage for landing this high paid IT job.

To conclude, once you graduate in IT or a related discipline, you can make your search for jobs a target for optimizing your pay and job satisfaction.

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