Achieving a goal

5 Simple Steps to Achieving Any Goal

5 Simple Steps to Achieving Any Goal

Things are wanted by everyone yet just wanting it is not enough. The procedure to achieve something wanted by you is much deeper than merely wanting it. It is often related to your habit, environment, integrated knowledge, skills, self-belief and self-worth. Having the absolute will for achieving anything works rarely. For example in a weight loss program, people attend it, get results initially and for sometime maintain progress. But the underlying aspects resulting in weight gain like- physical, emotional or psychological remain unaddressed. Consequently, people are unable to achieve substantial weight loss to begin with the whole process again. The result of this repeated process usually is- initial win followed by failure. You need to support your goals wholeheartedly in order to achieve your goals. This is because the attainment of a goal has a far-reaching positive impact on you- physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Here are the 5 simple steps to achieving any goal.

  1. Picking a single goal

What would you do if your beloved fairy godmother offers to grant your every wish? There are chances that you would prepare a pretty long list! This is because people mostly have multiple goals and ambitions. Subsequently, whenever you think of making a resolution, it tempts you to tick all the things at once. Unfortunately, there is no fairy godmother in this real world. So in the absence of her, goals can be achieved only through hard work. But too much hard work straight away would de-motivate you and ultimately all your efforts would go in vain. Remember that a single success is always better than more than one failure. Keep yourself focused on picking one goal at a time. Devote all the energy you have to complete the goal.

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  1. Making success measurable

Have you decided what your goal would be? Good. Is it like “be organized”, “be richer” or “be healthier”? If “yes” is the answer then you need to change your goals as these are instances of bad goals. Such goals are subjective, generic and achieving them is next to impossible. Good goals have a measurable and obvious end point. Your thought should be like “I wish to save $3,000”. In this way, your aim becomes clear to you and you can track your own progress. Your progress is the best motivator as it determines how far you have already reached and how much more is left to be done to achieving your goal.

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  1. Breaking your goal into the smallest possible steps

The goals of most people are big, life-changing and challenging. That is what is exciting about them. You won’t feel the same way if your goal is not big. But the gap is found to be huge between the end goal and where you stand today. This is very disheartening. The simple solution lies in breaking the goal into chunks that can be easily completed. Focus on finishing with the chunks one by one. Whenever you struggle with your goal, make its steps smaller.

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  1. Planning to achieve each and every step

A resolution- be it opening a savings account, becoming the member of a gym or anything else needs tools for moving forward. Keep yourself ready with everything necessary so that when you are full of motivation, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.

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  1. Get going

You already know by now what you intend to do exactly and the way you are doing it. Be prepared to experience a few inevitable slipups. These happen with everyone. Take them as a temporary setback and do not get upset. Reverting back one step if you require to, is always okay. Keep trying, keep moving and you will be able to achieve any goal you focus your mind at.

Therefore try to follow these 5 simple steps to achieving any goal and this New Year you could finally be the one you wish to be.

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