10 Best Ways to Make Money Online

10 Best Ways to Make Money Online

For numerous people, working online and making money is like the materialization of their wildest dreams! If they could profit from some online venture they could quit job, devote time to their family and ultimately control their lives.

Here is good news for those of you who are serious about making money online. Most of the revenue strategies online are not much complicated. You need to stick to your idea even though you move slowly in the beginning. You must have the will to dedicate your energy and time needed to make your idea a big hit. This is because your income online takes time for growing. So if you angle to really earning money online but are not sure of how to start, here are 10 best ways to make money online.   


Affiliate Marketing

With the strategy of affiliate marketing you are partnering with businesses and brands within your own website content. When you register with a specific affiliate programme, you receive a special affiliate code. Thereafter as soon as a service or product is mentioned by you, you get linked to that service or product using this affiliate code. You will now make money whenever someone purchases a service or product via your link.

Google AdSense

Remain cool while setting up Google AdSense as it is very easy. If you own a website or blog, you can register for one free account of Google AdSense. From there you will be given a single unique code by Google to be pasted on your site. Now Google tracks your earnings, traffic and page views for you.

Online Courses

You may teach your skill to others by setting up a course online which is possible for you to market. There are online courses teaching anything from cooking to freelance writing to marketing. Online courses are set up by most people with the help of the Teachable.com platform. You can use it for uploading course materials, accepting payments and managing customers.


If you are a specialist in any sphere, you potentially could find out people ready to offer you a handsome pay for counseling them regarding their business or personal goals. If you are not sure of the steps to be taken, open a free account with Clarity.fm. This site lets people create free profile if they wish to do consulting. After you create your profile, people can you out and book you for a session which will be a paid one.

Book Sales

These days you have the advantage of completing the whole procedure of writing-publishing-marketing your book online. Sites such as Create Space would allow you to upload your book. From there it would be taken for printing, without involving any formal publisher. You even can market the book on Amazon with the purpose of selling it out.  


Hosting a podcast online can fetch you good money. The key lies in finding a niche, growing your audience then finding out ways for connecting with sponsors and monetizing. ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’ anchored by John Lee Dumas earned in March, 2018 more than $400,000.

Freelance Writing

Your knack for creative writing can get you paid for creation of online content. Associate with people interested to hire you and focus on delivering unique content of high quality always. Upwork.com is a site providing writing job to starters.

Lead Sales

The major steps you need completing so that lead sales work out are- creating a site, getting visitors to the site and being sure to collect leads for which somebody would pay actually.


You may use webinars for marketing your service, course or product. With webinar you basically offer many free advices and tips often in live format. But finally you are pitching your paid service or product with an aim to secure few deals. Irrespective of what you sell, create a webinar to attract people for registering with Facebook ads or a leading magnet.

 Sponsored Posts

If you own a website or blog or have a huge following on social media then you might cash in through tracking sponsored posts or advertisements. Companies wishfully pay influencers on social media and bloggers for promoting their services and products.

If you are passionate about anything, have some creativity and time, you can build an income stream online or several by one or more of these 10 best ways to make money online.   


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